Comments - Ariel Atom Hits the Track with new Cup Racer

Published: Jul 17, 2012
Description: Ariel designed the Atom to be the closest thing to a racecar as any road car can be. So what will they do with it next? Why, turn it into a racecar, of course! It's a story we've heard befor...
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Sam Oglesby Jul 17, 2012
Ah from a road going race car to a race going race car
John Park Jul 17, 2012
I noticed it too
Description: The Atom Cup will be a spec racing series, similar to the Porsche Cup, Ferrari Challenge or Lamborghini Trofeo, starting next year in the UK with races to be held at Silverstone, Brands Hatch and othe...
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Peter Mark Gacek Jul 17, 2012
Ah it's the K20Z!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 17, 2012
So this engine isn't the F20 from the S2000? Or is it from a Civic Type R or something?
Kyle Smith Jul 17, 2012
245HP from a non turbo 2.0L is impressive. The power plant is perfect for the track because of it's top end power, hence why it was chosen.
Adam Reisdorf Jul 17, 2012
This car has a little Caterham thing about it. I think it looks brilliant, and should be a fun series to watch.
Jean-Paul Grenade Jul 17, 2012
This car looks like a lot of fun! They've done well to eke out 245bhp from that 197bhp Civic engine without forced induction though.
Josh Negron Jul 17, 2012
Exactly! On another note, this should be awesome!
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
I don't think it would have any problem kicking a zr1's ass lol
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
It goes from 0-60 it 3.1 seconds, and is very, very light. You are a complete idiot of you think that is pussy
John Serely Jul 17, 2012
@elvis I hope your talking about the vtec in the honda. You don't know what your talki g about if your talking about the atom. The Ariel atom with the vtec will kick ass
Garrett Frye Jul 17, 2012
I'd like to see you, oh great civic killer, take on this car. That would be entertaining.
Judah Lindvall Jul 17, 2012
Look at the specs and say its pussy
David Purcell Jul 30, 2012
Just saw one in Seattle at a place called cats exotics looked so bad ass. How do you send pics to car buzz anyone know?
Wilson LaFaver Jul 17, 2012
You can try but it will never be as good as this. Suspension isn't simple
Steven Velez Jul 17, 2012
besides i hardly believe that you could build something like this in your garage
Steven Velez Jul 17, 2012
doug whats with all the politics and economic stuff on a car app
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 17, 2012
It is a square setup! That's awesome.
Lukas Lebs Jul 17, 2012
I see a squared set up
John Park Jul 17, 2012
I like the look of the barebones one better
Noah Gavurin Jul 17, 2012
dont really like the color scheme but this is a great piece of work
Pratik Parija Jul 18, 2012
Honda's famous & super reliable iVtech engine!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 17, 2012
Ah I just answered my question...
Kyle Smith Jul 17, 2012
Quinn's right. Vtec doesn't take away any torque that the engine would normally have. It adds horsepower while keeping efficiency in check. Also Vtec is just a form of variable valve timing - every car has it these days.
Quinn Conner Jul 17, 2012
Are you saying vtec is the reason it's low on torque?? Lol! Never heard that one before. Vtec is like having a high profile race cam lobe with a steady smooth idle. So why would you think head internals are the biggest factor in torque numbers?
Lukas Lebs Jul 17, 2012
Wtf carbuzz, put up some HD pictures
Jordan Montera Jul 17, 2012
Imagine what it could do with some low end torque. That's the only bad thing about vtec
Kyle Smith Jul 17, 2012
Those are what I call perfect track specs