Comments - Rompetrol Dispatches French Maids to Clean your Engine

Published: Jul 16, 2012
Description: When you're a little kid your mind conjures up all sorts of images as to what's going on inside an engine. When you grow older, well…your imagination still runs away with you, only in differ...
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Marius Vasile Moisii Jul 18, 2012
Den Zo i thing you should all look yourself in the mirror you bananna face...
Den Zo Jul 16, 2012
Rompetrol... In Norwegian that's one of those undeveloped fro things that live in ponds, those with a frog face and a tail... Or "Ass-Troll" directly translated...
Vibhu Shakelli Jul 16, 2012
The girl on the cover looks like Jennifer Morrison (Cameron on House)
Description: With a team of smoking-hot Eastern European models in French maid outfits with little feather dusters running around inside your engine, of course. Which is pretty much how we imagine the inside of an...
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Frank Dreitlein Jul 17, 2012, if I could only get the wifey to do (and dress like) this, I would truly be a happy man. Great commercial!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 16, 2012
Lol cool advertisement. Really good idea
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 16, 2012
Not a fan of the soundtrack. Pretty cool though