Comments - Lexus LF-LC on Track for Development

Published: Jul 16, 2012
Description: When Lexus unveiled the LF-LC Concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January, it seemed implausible the luxury automaker would ever put the car into production, but it appears that's exactly what&ap...
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trey.reilly Oct 26, 2013
It looks like a nurse shark....
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
Their cheapest car is probably $30,000 that's not cheap.
Brennan Taylor Jul 17, 2012
This car is sexy as!!!
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
Yeah, because I could buy an LFA whenever I feel like it.
tyrael Jul 16, 2012
no ray, you still cant afford one xD xD
Ray Liu Jul 16, 2012
Well they still make cheap luxury cars so that people like u and me can afford one
Brennan Taylor Jul 16, 2012
That thing is beast!!! I remember when Lexus made cheap luxury cars.
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
That's awesome!!!! This thing looks mad sick!!!
Wyatt Gordon Jul 19, 2012
i still think it could look even less boring, but don't change the front. that looks great. and please dont go the rebadged toyota supra (sorry i meant LFA) route with the design
Harry Chagger Jul 17, 2012
love this car so stunning!
Keenan Casteel Jul 16, 2012
I like the front... It's different and it isn't boring like most Lexus vehicles.
Ray Liu Jul 16, 2012
Dylon thinks 911 is better looking and Audi is of more quality...... WOW
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jul 16, 2012
I like the front, but I think to make more people happy they should make the bottom silver part a bit smaller
Dillon Dixon Jul 16, 2012
The one big issue for me is how the front fender blends into the front pillar. That makes it look chubby and soft. It just looks off to me.
Den Zo Jul 16, 2012
The entire car is a masterpiece! Hope they won't change to much design wise on it (although unlikely). And I love the stance and wheel clearance of this thing!
Daniel Eads Jul 16, 2012
The front looks pretty sweet.
Mark Ridenour Jul 16, 2012
@Devin - I think the front end is one of the best aspects of the car. Glad I'm not the only one. Gorgeous sexy car!
Colin Dzendolet Jul 16, 2012
Devin, you're not alone
Cameron Dean Jul 16, 2012
For some reason the front end makes me feel sick..
Devin Babyn Jul 16, 2012
I swear I'm the only one that loves that front end
Kyle Kloewer Jul 16, 2012
Since this is the concept, the front will most likely be changed for production
Kyle Smith Jul 16, 2012
And what about all of these car companies being related? Nissan - Infiniti Honda - Acura Ford - Lincoln Hyundai - Kia BMW - Mini Cooper Mercedes - Smart Chevrolet - Cadillac Fiat - Ferrari Being related to another company is a financial benefit.
Kyle Anderson Jul 16, 2012
Now if only Infiniti would produce something to compete with it.
Kyle Smith Jul 16, 2012
What's wrong with Lexus being related to Toyota? Oh I guess that since Bugatti's related to the Volkwagen group it's not a good car either.
Anil Mehta Jul 16, 2012
Looks like a Remmington electric razor from the front.
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 16, 2012
I'm sure they will change the front when it goes into production. They should make it have a black front
Brady Fereday Jul 16, 2012
Ya I don't like the front either
Chris Penza Jul 16, 2012
The whole front is hideous
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Such a sexy car!!! I love the red but I'd like to see it in black or white too! :)
Description: Toyota's Calty Design Center in California came up with the concept, following a brief to showcase Lexus in a sportier light. And with the LFA V10 supercar giving Lexus more pizazz, the LF-LC (a ...
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Daniel Sullivan Jul 17, 2012
LFA ended up drastically different than the concept. Far more conservative and choppy. No reason to expect decent performance or looks from this car. To compete with Porshe and the GTR, they'd have to make it outperform the LFA. Not going to happen.
Scott Gracey Jul 17, 2012
People always argue what the better buy is, more bang for Your buck, but if you had the money and it wasn't an issue what would yoü Get, not a Vette lol
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
Matt I'm sure if you SAT in the passenger seat and went for a go, they wouldn't be boring. Why is "more accessible" mean boring?
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
And I just noticed, my number of comments just got reset?
Matt Piccolo Jul 17, 2012
@ Tim, the reason it's do expensive is bec it's exclusive... I see vettes every day... They're boring now, I don't go, omg theres a vette!!!!! No.... If I saw an lfa though, that would b different!!
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
Hey let's admit, at least it doesn't cost twice as much as 120,000 grand. Hopefully we won't wait as long as we did for the LFA.
Tim Preisinger Jul 17, 2012
Yeah. 300k price difference between the zr1 and LFA. Funny thing is the lap times are very similar. I would take the zr1 and with the extra 300k buy... Ohhh I dunno... A house maybe.
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
And lexus's hold there value VERY well
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
And why would u take a zr1 over any Lexus... The lfa? Just as quick around a track, more luxurious, sounds better, will last longer...
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
@ Dylan, srry I meant that more twards the corvette and Aston, but the Lexus would out last the porsche! this is a J.D. 2012 ranking for quality
Keenan Casteel Jul 16, 2012
I like it. It's a different alternative to a 911. More of a GT car than a supercar.
Scott Gracey Jul 16, 2012
Lexus has one of the highest resale values of any automaker...
Scott Gracey Jul 16, 2012
I liked the sc430 for What it was, a luxury 2 seat convertable, kinda sporty, but the late 90s sc300/400 We're beautiful
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jul 16, 2012
Yeah but the people who are buying Lexus's aren't generally going for a crazy muscle car, they want a soft tourer that looks good, so stupid comment Dylan, can you imagine a 70ish man wanting a jarring ride like a zr1?
Dillon Dixon Jul 16, 2012
@matt I highly doubt this will last 5x longer than any Porsche. I still think this is priced too high as of now. I was expecting around $80k. There is no way I would take this over a 911 or ZR1.
Heshoo Hanna Jul 16, 2012
Probably going to be a hybrid
Colin Dzendolet Jul 16, 2012
this looks more like an evolution of the first gen SC 300/400, which were great looking cars and quite a bit of fun to drive, especially the 400
Kyle Kloewer Jul 16, 2012
Sc430 is not 120000
Kyle Kloewer Jul 16, 2012
Sc430 is junk and ugly
Zain Sheikh Jul 16, 2012
Can't wait to see if it'll be as good as the sc430 .
Timothy Hooker Jul 16, 2012
if a bug moved like a porsche their buyers wouldn't be 90% female..and if this is based on the proven to be terrible is-f platform then double no thanks.
William Downs Jul 16, 2012
i think all porsche are ugly little cars.. but have amazing performance but would never wanna own a car i couldnt stand looking at... this thing looks nice.. change nothing cept a few tweaks on the front
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
@ dylon, yea and this will last 5x as long as any of those lol, but I think this looks WAY better than a zr1, and even a 911, the Aston would b close though
Scott Gracey Jul 16, 2012
Dylan that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, especially seein as performance numbers aren't even listed
Brady Fereday Jul 16, 2012
Dylan that's a stupid remark all the 911 is a VW bug stretched
Stephen Reed Warren II Jul 16, 2012
$120,000 is still 6 figures car buzz...
Kaigan Viner Jul 16, 2012
But Lexus isn't a sporty brand... It's a luxury brand...
Timothy Hooker Jul 16, 2012
not. id take a proven car like the 911 over this anyday.
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Now that's a good price!!!
Description: Depending on whether the LF-LC will utilize an existing chassis (such as the IS-F sedan platform), or be built from scratch, it could take up to 36 months to prepare the prototype for production. Spor...
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Robbie Mullenix Jul 16, 2012
I wish they "mew" how to spell
Randy Galvan Jul 19, 2012
Not only the curves are amazing but the headlights are what catch my eye. They are just amazing and different.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 19, 2012
front already looks great, but i think it would be really cool if the radiator grille was a ferrari-style eggcrate grill
David Purcell Jul 18, 2012
I like it I think the front will grow on us
Phillip Chan Jul 17, 2012
What an amazing car.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 17, 2012
Give it LFA headlights and you'll be in business.
Luke Murray Jul 16, 2012
What sort of headlights are them crazy looking things!!
Lee Cascio Jul 16, 2012
If it ends up looking anything like this I would be really shocked.
Den Zo Jul 16, 2012
The first time I saw this I could not bring myself to like the front, but that has changed! This car is beautiful and daring! Bold move with a design like that, but damn they pulled it of!
Mark Ridenour Jul 16, 2012
So freakin beautiful
Harry Chagger Jul 16, 2012
love this sexy beast!
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 19, 2012
You can sit very small people in the back
Kris C. Lopez Jul 17, 2012
Good God this car is so astonishingly beautiful. How could anyone not want to drive this thing let alone buy it.
Sam Coppinger Jul 17, 2012
Good God, this car is so repulsively ugly, I can't believe anyone would ever drive, much less, BUY, this monster
Bradley Walter Jul 17, 2012
I see the supra DNA as well, Matt.
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Ok carbuzz must have change the photo here cuz when I commented on this, it was a pic of the rear? Now it's the front lol
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
I see a bit of supra in the lights there
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
I'd say it looks like a....Bee. A killer bee.
Lee Oleinick Jul 17, 2012
Is the front 'function' or 'form'?
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
How is this a bug faced car? This is a preice of art!!! Beautiful!!!
Colin Dzendolet Jul 16, 2012
those turn markers are sick
Devin Babyn Jul 16, 2012
I'm absolutely in love with this front. So bad ass and sexy
Frederick Perez Jul 16, 2012
Have fun cleaning those
Ray Liu Jul 17, 2012
Imho Lexus is better in terms of both looks and reliability compared to BMW and MB. not too sure about the riding/handling though
Harry Chagger Jul 17, 2012
fords are common as muck they remind me of nokia phones easy to use and not very exclusive. ........ lexus is quality like audi from vw.....dnt understand y lexus gets slated so much if this lexus had a merc or bmw badge on it you lexus haters would be wanking all over it lol n you no its tru... i think lexus r doing a fantastic job n you have to thank lexus for bringing the future in technology i...
Hervey Wright Jul 17, 2012
I hope the Mayans are wrong, the zombies stay dead and any giant meteors on a collision course with earth decided to hold off until at least 2016...I'm buying this car!
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Car, a ford focus, an auto trams, stalled very often, and almost got him killed!!!!!!
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
@ Dylan, that was a past problem... But as long as we're bringing them up, what about fords stalling **>>automatic<<** transmissions... Yes, my moms first car, a ford **** (forget the name) stalled like crazy and it was an auto... My cousins second
Jesse Gillies Jul 16, 2012
well i think those "fords" are way nicer looking than this pos lookin pocket grab from toyota..
Harry Chagger Jul 16, 2012
i would take this lexus over the Aston martin Aka Ford lol
Abraham Mendoza Jul 17, 2012
A wonderful place to sit this is.
Tim Preisinger Jul 17, 2012
Awesome looking interior. I hope they keep most of this
Trent Griffin Jul 16, 2012
It will look just like this
P_R_N_D Jul 16, 2012
90% of this design will be lost in translation, so to speak.
Den Zo Jul 16, 2012
PLEASE make this!
Danyaal Farooq Jul 16, 2012
Oh my god this interior is like freaking gorgeous
Colin Dzendolet Jul 16, 2012
I want that wheel! and a third pedal would round it out nicely
Kyle Kloewer Jul 16, 2012
Looks like an ikea store in there
Victor Pitts Jul 16, 2012
Those pedals... So dope!
Devin Stair Jul 16, 2012
Sweet steering wheel
Yaman Daas Jul 31, 2012
Very nice future
Mario Almeida Jul 22, 2012
Está feita a incomenda via meu sonho! Porque a final o que a realidade me nega eu busco no sonho! What beutiful car!
statusone Jul 17, 2012
love the interior and the center bit. but your passenger will be hard pressed having found no cup holders for their moca frappa latte chino
F1 Fanatic Jul 17, 2012
WTF This isn't a boat. what is one concealing that they need a partition. I know it's a concept, but please.
Thibault Leroy Jul 17, 2012
@Den well they do that because it would cost ALOT to do this kind of interior
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Yea the lfa's interior is pretty sick
Jason Mosery Jul 16, 2012
hey don't be so sure that the interior will be tame...just look at the LF-A...
Den Zo Jul 16, 2012
@Spencer; i agree! Can't wrap my mind around why they ALWAYS show you how awesome it COULD look, only to stuff it with something existing in another trim... They obviously know how to make this, why the h*** not stick with it!?
Spencer Warkentin Jul 16, 2012
It's annoying when car manufacturers do this. We all know it will end up with the same interior as an iS 350
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
That's a sick ass interior