Comments - Fiat Switches to a New Migration with Latest 500 Ad

Published: Jul 16, 2012
Description: When Fiat started selling the 500 in the United States, it hired Hispanic spokespersons like Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Lopez for the television commercials. But then someone at Fiat headquarters in T...
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Description: The commercial (as you can see in the video below) shows a bunch of Cinquecentos driving right off the Italian peninsula and into the water, only to re-emerge like so many Italian immigrants in their ...
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Eli Dirk Jul 17, 2012
this video made me laugh.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 16, 2012
I'd own one, and this commercial is awesome!! Haha
Tyler Williamson Jul 16, 2012
This car makes me happy. I'd never want to own one, but whenever I see it I can't help but smile
Paul Lissona Jul 16, 2012
I like this I'm half Italian haha.
tyrael Jul 16, 2012
hahaha thats awesome
Zachary Maurer Jul 16, 2012
Plus it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop...
Zachary Maurer Jul 16, 2012
The Asian at the end is me :)
Ben August Jul 16, 2012
That being said, I hope they don't get Pauly-D and the jersey shore crew to rep this...
Justin Cusano Jul 16, 2012
Fictional do not attempt.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 16, 2012
I like it, cool ad, but seems like the target market are only Italian Americans
Avery Williams Jul 16, 2012
Cool! New wallpaper.
Christian De Prisco Jul 16, 2012
Oh such good memories....
Evan Cook Jul 16, 2012
There's another person that pressed the gas instead of the brake pedal
Shawn Sullivan Jul 17, 2012
What a killer sunroof tho!
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 16, 2012
I bet he'll regret leaving the roof open...
Timothy Hooker Jul 16, 2012
invasion of overpriced nonfunctional chic for your life!
Paul Lissona Jul 16, 2012
I'd like to visit Italy to see my half history ha.
David Justice Jul 16, 2012
Yup. Look at the pics of the Italian coast, so beautiful. No offense to the US/NYC crowd though.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 16, 2012
Ah thought there was an it there.
Garrett Frye Jul 16, 2012
He's saying if he was driving the fiat he would of stayed in Italy instead of driving to the us
Logan LeMonnier Jul 16, 2012
Why? Cool car. Makes the roads more interesting
David Justice Jul 16, 2012
I would have rather stayed on the Italian coast.
Edwin Javier Santiago Sep 02, 2012
Excelente auto! Cada día me entusiasma más el mío!