Comments - Ferrari F40s Gathering at Silverstone for World Record

Published: Jul 16, 2012
Description: Ferrari is plenty used to setting records at Silverstone. After all, it has won the British Grand Prix there no less than 15 times - more than any other team. In 2007, a whopping 385 Ferraris gathered...
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Pi Ka Chu Jul 19, 2012
I spy a Ferrari 360 Spider
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 16, 2012
I spy F50 and a 250.
Description: The F40 was one of the original supercars. Packing a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the F40 channeled over 470 horsepower to its rear wheels in a chassis so light that you could see the weave of the carbon ...
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Aaron Crisp Jul 17, 2012
In a 3.0 huh.. Wow impressive
Description: Each F40 built sped out of the factory as fast as they could build them, and often fetched upwards of a million dollars despite the $400,000 sticker price, which was already a hundle back in 1987. Now...
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Amir Roy Jul 16, 2012
Shelby cobra? AC made the body, Shelby gave it the power and made it a legend.
Brad Henson Jul 16, 2012
Haha ferraris and cobras together
Max Delena Jul 18, 2012
You can only tell which 1's yours is if you put a sticker on somewhere or if you remember the lisence plate
William Dustin Green Jul 17, 2012
Which car is yours? "Oh its the red one over there"
David Purcell Jul 17, 2012
Sick ass pick just saved for this weeks background lol
Cho Dan Jul 16, 2012
This is the most awesome picture I've ever seen!
James Johnson Jul 16, 2012
That's a lot of money parked there...
Tin Nguyen Jul 16, 2012
Damn, that's a lot of f40s.
Moe Sargi Jul 16, 2012
Honey!! Umm. I lost our ferrari loool
Hoang Ton Jul 16, 2012
Now. Where did I park my car again?
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 16, 2012
Mines on the left somewhere..
Zachary Maurer Jul 16, 2012
I see my red one!!!!
Oscar Galvan Jul 16, 2012
I'll take the red f40
Bobby Junior Jul 16, 2012
I see mine! It's the red one!
Sam Oglesby Jul 16, 2012
This is what heaven really looks like
David Purcell Jul 17, 2012
Yea ok and the red f40 right there is mine
F1 Fanatic Jul 17, 2012
That's my wife standing in front of our car. :-)
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
Ik liberals are sick in the head.
Oscar Mendieta Jul 18, 2012
too much $$$$$$$$$$$
David Purcell Jul 17, 2012
Yea that Enzo just wants to pull lol
Christopher Antimie Jul 17, 2012
I'll take that red one
Craig Lafey Jul 16, 2012
I like that silver 360 spyder.
Read Mills Jul 16, 2012
You know that Enzo is dying to take off!
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 16, 2012
I'll take the F355 Berlinetta
August Burrichter Jul 16, 2012
Gated shifters are the best
Alex Santaspirt Jul 16, 2012
Loving the Enzo leading the pack
Paul Lissona Jul 17, 2012
I really like these jaguars too.
Christopher Antimie Jul 17, 2012
I thought this new broadcast was about ferraris
Keenan Casteel Jul 16, 2012
@Evan Really? He didn't at all deserve to be called that. So he didn't know they were Jags. To the untrained eye they could look like a 250 or a 275. Be nice!
Evan Cook Jul 16, 2012
Those are jaguars dumbass
Christo Savaides Jul 16, 2012
Except that those are all E-Types.
Hoang Ton Jul 16, 2012
Now that's a lot of $$$!!!
Christopher Antimie Jul 17, 2012
Haha. More people on the track than in the bleachers