Posted on: Jul 15, 2012
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Vorsteiner Gives BMW M3 new GTS5 Front Bumper Kit

The BMW M3 has once again been touched up by the crew over at Vorsteiner.
Last month tuning firm Vorsteiner released a ridiculously aggressive and thorough styling package for the last generation BMW E92 M3. The GTRS5 package was produced in a run of only 40 units and was designed to improve performance while giving the impressive Bimmer a fresh look on the streets. As it turns out, that wasn't all the Californian tuner had in mind for the M3 coupe. The latest program for the BMW M3 features a GTS5 front bumper that is both fashionable and, as they claim, functional.
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The useful front-end utilizes vertical air vents for improved airflow to the brakes and a removable front lip built out of carbon fiber. No pricing information has been released as of yet for the Vorsteiner GTS5 front bumper kit for the BMW M3. As it will be produced in a limited run of only 88 units, you can be sure to fork over a pretty penny for the new front piece.

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