Description: If you've been looking for a chance to see the new SRT Viper GTS-R out on the race track, you'll have that chance on August 2-4 when the new serpentine racing beast makes its debut at the Am...
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Ben Shrivers Jul 16, 2012
My new favorite car is debuting at my favorite racetrack located maybe 45 minutes from me, life is good!!!
Brian Johnston Jul 17, 2012
Can't wait to see new vipers on the road. Better looking than any Porsche, Aston Martin and some ferraris.
Chris Penza Jul 16, 2012
It does look kind of like forza, but the bodykit is different
Mikhail Razgriz Jul 16, 2012
This new viper looks crazy, quite good actually. Wait till Hennessey get hold of this one..
Josh Willes Jul 15, 2012
100% real. Check out the debut.
Domi Bsaibes Jul 15, 2012
So these forza decals are real? And not made in the video game itself?
Kris C. Lopez Jul 15, 2012
Cause it is this car was at the NY auto show
Domi Bsaibes Jul 15, 2012
At first glimpse i thought it was real!
Description: As you may recall, the GTS-R is the racing version of the latest Viper, now under the stand-alone SRT brand. While the road-going Viper packs an 8.4-liter V10, the competition model actually goes with...
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Zachary Maurer Jul 16, 2012
Plus you know how much of a troll an an annoyance you are Daniel?
Zachary Maurer Jul 16, 2012
@daniel, fiat had no say in ram -srt separation into different company's from dodge Chrysler jeep
David Liebe Hart Jul 16, 2012
@Doug, you're and idiot, that's all that needs to be said
David Liebe Hart Jul 16, 2012
That looks truly monstrous
Thomas Mackey Jul 16, 2012
@jacob not sure where u saw me saying its slow. That viper will be much faster because of the weight loss and gearing alone.
Thomas Mackey Jul 16, 2012
@daniel fiat had no say in the ram and srt separations. They had to be convinced to keep them.
Drew Storrusten Jul 16, 2012
@wyatt, it doesn't necessarily mean it goes slower it just means in order to meet its race class specs they need a downsize engine. But yet in this class they'll have to meet certain Hp and torque specs sooo maybe it will be maybe it won't be slower.
Wyatt Clark Jul 16, 2012
So the racing version goes slower?
Daniel Sullivan Jul 16, 2012
@abraham. That comment doesn't make logical sense. Fiat controls Chrysler. This this was a Fiat decision, not some rebellious move by Chrysler.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 16, 2012
I'd say SRT and RAM are brands that Chrysler doesn't want FIAT intervention. If they were involved the Viper would have a V8. Probably.
Patrick Schalk Jul 16, 2012
Doug that makes no sense whatsoever.
uptown Jul 15, 2012
@doug that's stupid. srt is like Chrysler's AMG. they have ONE flagship and the rest are tuned cars. Ram was to separate from the idea that dodge trucks suck. and the dart just came out so why would they dump dodge? idiot.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 15, 2012
Looks amazing!!! Oh and making the engine smaller doesn't mean less hp lol just look at the turbo 4's in the F1 cars they made 1,200hp
Abraham Mendoza Jul 15, 2012
No, I see as the way Dodge wants to make their own cars, while the new Dodge and Chrysler will basically sell rebadged FIATs.
Miguel Jimenez Jul 15, 2012
@Jacob you mean displacement size right?
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 15, 2012
@Thomas- It does matter about a smaller block size. It's just to bring down HP to match other race spec cars in its class.
Thomas Mackey Jul 15, 2012
Baddest car on the road and on the track.
Shane Carroll Jul 15, 2012
I love how 8 liters is their idea of downsizing
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 15, 2012
None of them are rear engine cars. I think the video just messed with your eyes. Watch it again.
Description: SRT just released a solitary photo of the Viper GTS-R in its full competition livery, but if racing isn't your scene, it has also shown us for the first time the road-going model with twin stripe...
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Justin Stoerp Jul 17, 2012
GTS Blue with white or the snakeskin green are my favorite!
Drew Storrusten Jul 16, 2012
@abraham!!! Hell yeah! Blue with their white racing stripes.
Kenan Alkhawam Jul 16, 2012
The second i saw this picture it reminded me of the old viper it changed soo much but in a way i still see the old viper in it Beautiful car i love it<3
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 15, 2012
I'm with Zachary. I love the snakeskin green
Justin Harris Jul 15, 2012
I'm with Jordan. I like what they did with the little pinstripe at the edge of the good vents if you look at the GTSR.
Zachary Maurer Jul 15, 2012
I want a snakeskin green edition back :)
Matt Piccolo Jul 15, 2012
I like this better in the dark red it was in when it was released! The light red isn't doing it much justice.
John Serely Jul 15, 2012
That looks better than the one they first showed (darker red), but I agree with Abraham, I want to see it in blue with white stripes
Avery Williams Jul 15, 2012
It actually looks really good with stripes and all but I agree with Jordan about them leading into the hood vents.
Josh Willes Jul 15, 2012
If you can afford the car I'm sure someone could take care of that request.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 15, 2012
I want it done in blue.
Jordan Smith Jul 15, 2012
Looks nice, but I want the stripes to lead into the hood vents like on the GTSR. Then it'd be perfect.