Posted on: Jul 15, 2012
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Office-K RR Phantom is Pretty in Pink

Office-K might have outdone themselves this time.
Japanese tuning house Office-K has built up quite an impressive reputation as a go-for-broke aftermarket firm. They routinely tweak and customize some of the most expensive luxury automobiles on the planet in ways you or I couldn't even image. Case in point - their brand-new pink wrap on a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Riding on a set of over-the-top three-piece 24-inch Lexani LLS-10 wheels, the (thankfully) unique Phantom features a bright pink vinyl wrap around the body with silver wrapping on the top.
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Smoked lights and side indicators further serve the purpose of building a gaudy and fashion-unconscious limousine. Could this Office-K Rolls-Royce Phantom be the ultimate luxury car for the fashionable lady who likes to be chauffered about town? Quite possibly, yes. We just hope that town is not on our daily commute. Check out the finished product in detail in the gallery below.

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