Posted on: Jul 15, 2012
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Lotus Pulls Out of Paris Show

The House that Colin Built is going back to the drawing board after former CEO is sacked.
Lotus made a big splash at the Paris Auto Salon two years ago when it debuted not one, not two, but a staggering five new concept cars all at once. That marked the height of former CEO Dany Behar's reign over the British marque, over-extending the company over which he presided and alienating many in the process. Now two years later, Behar's been sacked, none of the concept cars have gotten any closer to production, and Lotus is not, according to reports, even planning on showing its face at the Paris show this year.
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Under new management, Lotus is in the process of restrategizing. When it's done, it's likely to cancel its participation in all but a few of the staggering array of motor racing series into which it has embarked (in name only for the most part) and refocus on building the lightweight, agile little sports cars for which it has become known. Just don't expect to see any of them in Paris this year.

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