Comments - 2013 Seat Leon Pops Up Early

Published: Jul 15, 2012
Description: While Volkswagen has refreshed its Golf and Jetta model lines several times over in the last few years, Seat has been stuck with the same Leon since 2005. That doesn't mean that the Spanish autom...
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Description: Motivation for the new hatch is expected to come in the form of several gasoline and diesel engines, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain expected to arrive at a later date. Beyond the base trim, the leak...
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Steven McGovern Jul 15, 2012
Yeah. Way way behind
Suzu Le Jul 15, 2012
Holy crap. I had no idea there was a Spanish make such as this. I'm behind hehe
Ceren Yıldız Jul 16, 2012
Much more better than the old on but still it doesnt look sharp from side
Matt Piccolo Jul 16, 2012
Audi and vw (same company) and I see a little Alfa, no hyundai... They're ugly! My new slogan for Hyundai is... hyun-just go- dai (if ur gunna drive around in that crap)... Don't make fun, my dad has a shit Hyundai so....
Zaire Wilkins Jul 15, 2012
this looks revolutionary for the LEON
Taylor Greenfield Jul 16, 2012
It just lost its sportiness
Justin Harris Jul 15, 2012
Agreed. The front is great to look at and the headlights look great!
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Jul 15, 2012
This actually looks really cool! Vw should have gone with this design language...looks better then most of their stuff.