Comments - Wimmer RS Packs 624 HP into Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Wagon

Published: Jul 14, 2012
Description: AMG has 40 years of expertise under its belt in tuning Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but some customers require even further customization. Fortunately there is no shortage of Mercedes tuners out there, and...
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Description: To get there, Wimmer RS has fitted upgraded cylinder heads, modified throttle body, larger fuel pump, sport catalysts and camshafts, optimized intake manifolds, ECU remap and a stainless-steel exhaust...
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Nick Schnee Jul 14, 2012
Heeey, Solingen is two kilometres from where I live.
Buddy Robinson Jul 14, 2012
It's probably just to advertise the tuner. I'm guessing that if you bought/had one done, they would not add the stickers.
John Serely Jul 14, 2012
I'm certainly not a fan of the stickers...
Jordan Smith Jul 15, 2012
Great story Cameron, but that's not possible. Even with the power boost, this thing is still crazy heavy and it'd never beat a Z06.
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 15, 2012
Pull up next to a Z06 at light. Douche looks over laughs at your familymobile. Green light you laugh as you smoke some douche in a vette. Wagons are sickkk!
Thibault Leroy Jul 15, 2012
yeah i dont like the wagon but ive got to admit this looks pretty good
Matthew Crighton Jul 15, 2012
Not bad. I just dont love the wagon. But on a different MB mabey.
Austin Jobes Jul 14, 2012
wagons are ugly..
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 14, 2012
Mmmm right on par with the looks of the s/rs 4/6 avants. Sexy!!
Reid Huff Jul 14, 2012
I think it looks amazing.
Николай Станкейвич Jul 14, 2012
Rims are nice like em a lot