Posted on: Jul 14, 2012
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One-and-Only Black Amethyst Lexus LFA

Unusual shade of dark purple used once and retired from the supercar’s paint palette.
Described on its Facebook page as the "first and only Black Amethyst LFA," if you're shopping around for the $375,000 supercar this exterior paint color may no longer be an option. Thankfully, Lexus offers about 30 different paint options (as well as twelve interior hues) for the V10-powered 2-door coupe, so if the likes of lime green, lavender and passionate pink aren't what you're looking for, then hopefully sunset orange or one of a number of white & black variations will do the job.
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It's not crystal clear whether Black Amethyst has been retired simply because a buyer has selected it, nor do Lexus say who ordered it or how much extra it cost. Regardless, given only 500 models and a handful of special editions will be made, it's unlikely another punter will order this same shade of dark purple. Although now it's been heavily 'Liked' on FB, maybe they will...

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by Adam Lynton
One-and-Only Black Amethyst Lexus LFA
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