Comments - Amari Supercars Hosts Epic Lamborghini Lineup

Published: Jul 14, 2012
Description: British-based supercar dealer Amari recently played host to a lineup of incredible Lamborghinis at their warehouse just outside of Preston, England. The dealership is known for their high-profile list...
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Domi Bsaibes Jul 14, 2012
Oh dear god what do i have to do to get my hands on one of these!! :p
Buddy Robinson Jul 14, 2012
Oh my god the lp roadster
Eddie Nash Jul 15, 2012
That is awesome!
Syed Raiyan Jul 15, 2012
I seen that before
Traye Nevius Jul 14, 2012
Is that a Hamann Gallardo?
Thomas Messina Jul 14, 2012
I'd like it without the air scoop
John Serely Jul 14, 2012
I do not like the body kit
Thibault Leroy Jul 14, 2012
nice superleggera
David Purcell Jul 15, 2012
Omg that's the sexiest bulls ass I've ever seen!!!
Korli Jorlk Jul 15, 2012
Look the car inside the building .
Bryan Bohling Jul 15, 2012
I'm sorry but did you just call this a Maserati?
John Serely Jul 14, 2012
Yep gaith, it is a Maserati granturismo mc stradale
David Purcell Jul 15, 2012
Good pic right here