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Published: Jul 13, 2012
Description: When it comes to Facebook, automakers know a thing or two about how to interact with fans. Many car companies show teasers of new models via Facebook, with Ford going so far as to debut the new Explor...
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Description: Ford solicited its Facebook fanbase when trying to come up with a name for its Mustang V6 Performance Package. A total of 1.4 million fans were eligible to vote, with the winning name came from Jeremy...
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Wyatt Clark Jul 13, 2012
People SERIOUSLY doubt the V6 engine....... smh
DeUahn Wells Jul 13, 2012
@ E.P. haha yeah, the winning name should've been the "weak ass mustang edition" mustang.
Lyomp Jul 13, 2012
Wow thats pathetic. Why couldn't they just give him the car for free.
Nathan Geiter Jul 13, 2012
You guys are joking right? A performance package doesent have to be looks. My guess is it's power, brake and suspension upgrades.
Jack Hufford Jul 13, 2012
Could've put a rally stripe or something
Steve Waskiewicz Jul 13, 2012
No way that's the Mayhem... No way... Well, the PR circus won't be in town over this design. Way to be safe, apologetic, middle-of-the-road, and utterly uninspiring.
Taylor Garry Jul 13, 2012
Look at the creativity in that. Must have taken years to come up with that design
Garrett Chatterton Jul 13, 2012
Stock looking mustang?
Etienne Surrette Jul 14, 2012
I like the front end
Description: Aston Martin decided to let their fans build a custom model once they reach 1 million "likes." The company let the fans build the entire car, letting them choose the model, interior and exte...
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Joshua Minh Tran Jul 14, 2012
Lmao you win the internet s
Max Waite Jul 13, 2012
It's stunning if you are blind and can only hear the car
Buzz Roberts Aug 08, 2012
Its the fans fault not Astons. Oh wait... I guess it is Aston's fault for letting them.
Kevin Watson Jul 14, 2012
Put the pace car stuff on it, and that might work.
Tony Flaherty Jul 13, 2012
The white grill makes it look like an ugly cat fish. Never thought u could make such a beautiful car look like an ugly fish.
DeUahn Wells Jul 13, 2012
Really...come on Aston
John Philip Sousa Jul 13, 2012
Reminds me of the Dreamliner
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 13, 2012
One -77 in the back
Andrew Hossann Jul 13, 2012
I think if it was a darker blue or tealish it would be nicer
Patrick Joseph Jul 13, 2012
I'll take that over a chrome wrap.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jul 13, 2012
@Garret You're right man
Garrett Chatterton Jul 13, 2012
It's the air flow design the lines represent the air flow
Chris Johnson Jul 13, 2012
I'm all kinds of conflicted about this paint job. I just don't like the origins of the lines, it looks like the car is drooling. Perhaps if they came to a point? I dunno... Cool idea though.
Description: Nissan decided to interact with its Facebook fans in a big way by letting them design a 370Z track car. The company solicited opinions from its fans, sourcing mods such as a GReddy twin-turbocharged s...
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Joshua Minh Tran Jul 14, 2012
These car designs are proof that Facebook is full of little kids...all the designs lack maturity and sophistication....the stock 370z's body looks so much better
Kev Berkel Jul 13, 2012
I didnt think they could make the nismo worse
DeUahn Wells Jul 13, 2012
Now that right there is bad ass and I'm not a fan of decals at all
Zachary Maurer Jul 13, 2012
Readied up ricer
Nick Sti Jul 13, 2012
This is gorgeous. can't go wrong with Volk TE37
Chris Penza Jul 13, 2012
This is pretty sweet
Matt Piccolo Jul 13, 2012
Paints kinda cool, I don like the design though
Description: Ford's Rally team gave Facebook fans the chance to choose the roof livery for its Fiesta RS WRC. Fans could go onto the company's page and vote by "liking" a design. The winning de...
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Kevin Watson Jul 14, 2012
That design looks great at a helicopter angle.
Description: Citroen turned to its sizable amount of UK Facebook fans for help designing the C1 Connexion. After 24,000 votes, it was decided that the car would be a three-door hatch, and that it would have a Cald...
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