Comments - McLaren Animates Button and Hamilton in New Cartoon

Published: Jul 12, 2012
Description: McLaren has teamed up with computer animation studio Framestore to release the first installment of a new animated short series starring its world-champion F1 drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.
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Moe Sargi Jul 13, 2012
Thats was great i want more
Emmanuel Castillo Jul 12, 2012
Excelente video de Mc Laren, no soy fan de la escudería pero la animación es muy buena!
Luis Daniel Angilello Jul 12, 2012
AWESOME!! New fan over here!!!
Tanton Stoneman Jul 12, 2012
That is actually funny, I thought it would be stupid to be honest
Michael Tsoi Jul 12, 2012
Brilliant, more please McClaren!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 12, 2012
That was done really well. Much better than those idiots did over at Red Bull
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 12, 2012
Doesnt jensen look like the guy off of cloudy with a chance of meatballs?
Kyle Anderson Jul 12, 2012
That was really really good, i'm glad some car company has finally done something like this.
Clark Thompson Jul 12, 2012
Very clever, well done
Ashen Fonseka Jul 12, 2012
That was different and cool
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 12, 2012
Great marketing, now I'm going to be thinking about mclaren all season
Malachi Monteiro Jul 12, 2012
Nice, It's good to hear Hamilton's voice not full of complaints for once.
Kevin Watson Jul 12, 2012
More more more!! Man! That was awesome! 👍👌
Stephen Krane Jul 12, 2012
Awesome, I want more! Can't wait for next race
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jul 12, 2012
Lol just awesome!
Tim Neely Jul 12, 2012
Brilliant fun! JB's VO was loaded better than Lewis's. I feel a new rivalry coming on.
Ben Jones Jul 12, 2012
And people say McClaren has no soul.
Jose Carlos Jul 12, 2012
Brilliant, Marvelous, great graphics, cool story line. Will be waiting for next episode.
Jeff Osborn Jul 12, 2012
I enjoyed that hope there's more to come!
Carlton Salmon Jul 12, 2012
That was brilliant! More instalments please...
Thibault Leroy Jul 12, 2012
yeah this is pretty cool i hope there is more coming!
Michael Henderson Jul 12, 2012
Hahahaha that is brilliant! Good to see that McLaren's got a funny side. More please?
Alex Cameron Jul 12, 2012
I think they should stick to racing, voice over acting isn't their calling haha
Description: Entitled "Tooned", the series debuted on Sky Sports F1 prior to Sunday's British Grand Prix, with subsequent episodes planned for each of the season's remaining eleven races. Featu...
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Bradley Masonn Jul 12, 2012
@kyle, it's still a mclaren, it doesn't just have to be the MP4-12C
David Purcell Jul 12, 2012
Lol this is just awesome
Kyle Anderson Jul 12, 2012
@Kevin the middle driver seat position was only in the F1 not the MP4.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 12, 2012
Wait, the MP4 has the drivers seat in the middle, I thought it was just the F1
Kevin Watson Jul 12, 2012
You missed one, the driver seat is in the middle. Awesome.
Stephen Krane Jul 12, 2012
Similar black back as well
John Serely Jul 12, 2012
Haha I love the vents
Nick Sti Jul 12, 2012
Lol they put the same side vents as the MP4-12c and Enkei RPF wheels on this