Description: Fiat has a real success on its hands with the 500. Sure, some American dealers might beg to differ, but in other markets, the retro city car has sold like hot cakes. The thing is that a lot of people ...
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Timothy Hooker Jul 13, 2012
they aren't doing so well here. we are a small town of about 100000 and I was surprised they put in a dedicated fiat dealership
Ryan Todd Jul 12, 2012
I see so many 500s where I live , i cant go somewhere with out seeing at least one
Description: Inside the 500L's cockpit sits an espresso-maker developed specifically for Fiat by Italian coffee company Lavazza. It uses Modo Mio pods and can brew your coffee during your commute instead of h...
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Timothy Hooker Jul 13, 2012
another reason to take your eyes off the road. hope they have good crash test ratings
Dale Schroeder Jul 13, 2012
Well this car sure has a lot of silly expensive gimmicks no one will actually use, huh?
tysquirrel10s Jul 12, 2012
or you could wake up 1 minute earlier and make your stupid coffee
Jason Dannheim Jul 12, 2012
There's a fine line between innovative and moronic.
Lee Goodman Jul 12, 2012
why would i want a espresso machine on the move when i can have somthing called a cold drink i can imagine this will be a optional extra for �3000
Garrett Frye Jul 12, 2012
Yeah, the beats sound system would be more of a reason for me NOT to buy the car than anything else.
Description: Buyers can chose from an array of efficient engines including two gasoline engines (a 105-horsepower 0.9-liter TwinAir and a 95hp 1.4) and an 85hp 1.3-liter MultiJet2 turbodiesel, soon to be joined b...
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Bryan Wesly Pascual Jul 13, 2012
0-60 in 500 seconds
Paul Lissona Jul 15, 2012
It looks pretty good for what it's supposed to be.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 12, 2012
It looks like it starred in Cars 2, why for it have a mouth?
Logan LeMonnier Jul 12, 2012
I think this is attractive and practical. Really slow though
John Serely Jul 12, 2012
Hmm, I kinda like the looks, unique from most cars in the US
Lead Peddalin Jul 12, 2012
I think fiat owners were sold by the commercials. Certainly not the looks or practicality. It's not even inexpensive.
Carlton Salmon Jul 12, 2012
Not exactly what you'd call pretty, is it?
Malachi Monteiro Jul 12, 2012
What are those things on the side?
Carlton Salmon Jul 12, 2012
Looks more like a household appliance than a car. Completely lost the cheeky design and the Italian flair of the 500 - but will probably sell well in Italy and mainland Europe - especially in diesel form.
Paul Lissona Jul 15, 2012
Obamas govt is not helping us In any way.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 12, 2012
Looks like a renault
Logan LeMonnier Jul 12, 2012
@doug chill. Some of us want espresso.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 12, 2012
Wow, the rear is the only thing NOT over designed about this car.
Duncan Jolley Jul 12, 2012
I see people driving 500's all the time. People seem to like them a lot
Logan LeMonnier Jul 12, 2012
That gear knob is awesome
Henz Herrero Jul 12, 2012
If u didnt know.. People in the states dont like drving cars that can barely fit 2 ppl.. Not very practical..
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 12, 2012
There's no way this won't be a winner in the states
Victor Castillo Jul 12, 2012
That a nice interior.. Compared to the 500c
Paul Lissona Jul 15, 2012
I'm half Italian too.
Christian De Prisco Jul 12, 2012
That is strategic marketing, Btw I am Italian and lavazza sucks...sorry