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Published: Jul 12, 2012
Description: When it comes to selling cars to Americans, you can never go wrong by appealing to the patriotism. A strong show of support for the red, white and blue can sell even the crappiest of cars. (Fortunatel...
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John Serely Jul 13, 2012
Oh, ok Jennie, I misunderstood, then
Tyler Torres Jul 13, 2012
Jenni got burnt to a crisp.
Tim Preisinger Jul 13, 2012
Why do people in a nonprofessional atmosphere care about grammar? As long as you can read it, I don't see the bug deal
John Serely Jul 12, 2012
Haha jenni, I like how you said a "Swedish Volvo". As opposed to what, an African Volvo? Hahaha
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
Will be safe thanks for the advice though!
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
Jenni- when grammar becomes an essential factor in determining what you are allowed to comment about on Carbuzz I will be sure to thank you for your kind suggestion. But for now enjoy changing timing belts and relaxing turbo bearings but at least you
Jackson Michael Jul 12, 2012
IMO its Europe, MOPAR, and then Japan. Cars like the GT-R and the NSX make me want to like Japanese cars but the rest of the crap they put out make it bad.
Travis Larson Jul 12, 2012
Carbuzz you shoulda put America still builds rockets corvette commerical on here :)
John Serely Jul 12, 2012
Well Elvis, I love the vette on your profile pic. I personally don't like Japanese cars, I would usually take an american car over it any day, but (I'm not trying to start something) I like European cars the best. That being said, i have lots of respect for American cars, especially a few in particular (base corvette and zo6, cts-v, etc.).
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
Solid car that's done me well and has a tad of character to keep it from being mundane American cars don't get enough credit
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
I drove a 91 k1500 till 200k miles until the belt broke and I blew the head gaskets(I was 17 didn't know yet) it never gave a problem before that and now I'm driving a 2000 olds not the best performing best riding best looking or anything but it's a
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
We also have an 04 oddessy that has been in once fore excessive carbon buildup that clogged the iac and was affecting airflow and the 5 speed autos in those Hondas are known trouble causes and ours is starting to act up right at around 100k miles
Dylan Bruder Jul 12, 2012
I completely disagree on the American cars aren't reliable and Japanese are best my sister has an 01 tacoma the fled plate cracked in the transmission and the con rod bolts in the engine broke so she needed a new engine all before 100k miles
Mikey Jimenez Jul 12, 2012
Elvis you're such a contradiction. Nice Corvette by the way.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 12, 2012
Theres more to a car then just reliability
Vince DeMasi Jul 12, 2012
Well all I own are American cars and my dd is an 18yr old car that I also race, hasn't fallen apart pretty reliable IMO
Description: The Chrysler "Halftime in America" 2012 Super Bowl commercial was easily the most epic commercial of the big game. There's something about Clint Eastwood's gravelly voice that inst...
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KyleM Jul 15, 2012
Lost your job and cant feed your family? Buy a $45k Grand Cherokee, itll help. Yeah that seems right. Awesome Ad but it should have focused on reliabilty of older models and hint at the newer ones, if its going to focus on the economic downturn
Josh Santoro Jul 13, 2012
You kno when a commercial is good when u get goosebumps and tears in ur eyes
Christopher Helms Jul 13, 2012
bill your math is off
Chester L Tuazon Jul 12, 2012
I'd like to hear Clint make an anti constipation pill. "are ya feel'n lucky punk!?"
Jordan Smith Jul 12, 2012
He could make a Viagra add interesting.
Zachary Maurer Jul 12, 2012
@abraham, lololololol ya old men would be pleased with some pill ads done by him
Abraham Mendoza Jul 12, 2012
Hahahahaha, Clint can make anything sound cool. I wanna see him do a commercial about....prescription pills.
William Downs Jul 12, 2012
it already is owned by fiat
Nicholas Vincent Jul 12, 2012
To bad in a few months Chryslers will be owned by a European car company
Aaron Crisp Jul 12, 2012
MOPAR or no car!
Nigel Napoles Jul 12, 2012
I'm not a Chrysler fan but that commercial tops all car commercials I've seen yet.....Clint Eastwood is freakin awesome!
Erick Bernal Jul 12, 2012
I love that.. "Imported From Detroit"
Thomas Mackey Jul 12, 2012
Damn Right! This gets you going! Awesome commercial.
Zachary Maurer Jul 12, 2012
I forgot how great this add was. This makes me proud to live near Detroit.
Nick Yekikian Jul 12, 2012
Clint is such a badass
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 12, 2012
honestly the most spiritually motivating commercial I've ever seen
Serg Karchevskyy Jul 12, 2012
"Yea yea yea... "
Description: George Washington + the Dodge Challenger = epic advertising. A couple of Challengers chasing down a bunch of redcoats may be ridiculous, but it's un-American to say such things in public.
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Christopher Helms Jul 13, 2012
From someone who has family in europe, Americans have a lot better cars for the money you pay for. The engines have a lot longer life span here. We have engines that are known for reaching the million mile mark. And its one of the only engines known for reaching it. Cummins. Europeans make cars that are just overpriced nonsense that cost too much for parts.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 13, 2012
Oh europeans, you will never understand.
Jesper Jensen Jul 13, 2012
Patrick we drive here ón a Daily bases too and at a greater speed lol
Jordan Jackson Jul 13, 2012
@bruno: yea I know they did, but that still isn't a match for the gt500 or zl1, I mean make a forced induction version to compete with these two
William Downs Jul 13, 2012
@ bill it was road legal and a very real car, walk into your dealer and u pay almost as much as the car to get a new engine dropped in it and u have the srt10 challenger.. they were order only.. not production car
Jay Kolvenbag Jul 13, 2012
America didn't got cars "right" (well, not as right as the Europeans)
Aaron Crisp Jul 13, 2012
It wasn't a concept, it's real... It's a factory order called the "Drag Pack" and it's a Viper engine dropped into the Chally. For drag racers, very expensive though.
Read Mills Jul 12, 2012
My favorite car commercial of all time. AMERICA!
Anthony Miller Jul 12, 2012
Enough money from taxes by selling gas
Anthony Miller Jul 12, 2012
I watched this one video about this guy who went to England and rented a vw passat tdi and it got in the mid 70 mpg range. He got back to the states asked why they dont have them here. The u.s government doesn't allow them because they wouldn't get
Patrick Schalk Jul 12, 2012
Jesper, Europes public transportation is far superior to ours because everything is so close together. We actually drive on a daily basis here.
Bruno Nappa Jul 12, 2012
@Jordan Dodge did (sort of) challenger SRT-10. They were super expensive and only made by special order.
William Downs Jul 12, 2012
im not saying its trash.. i just think camaro and the stang have a better interior, i would still drive one, things look classic as hell
Jimmy Williams Jul 12, 2012
And Michael C. Hall doing the voice-over...pure genius.
Jimmy Williams Jul 12, 2012
Top 5 car commercial of all time.
Greg Lewis Jul 12, 2012
I own a chally, and yes the dash is "cheap" compared to the mustang and camaro. Maybe the gauges dont change color or have squared angles. But it has that 70's plain feel that I love. Also keeps cost down. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
Kyle Smith Jul 12, 2012
You're right it isn't an excuse. Unfortunately that's what it might take in order for them to start pursuing strict fuel consumption goals. Many vehicles in Europe are capable of 60 mpg+, and they aren't even hybrids.
Jesper Jensen Jul 12, 2012
I know Kyle but thats no excuse for stopping the evolution of engiens, consumption and so on. Why not make it dirt cheap to drive a car in the stats by lowering consumption. Or invreasing the power without invreasing consumption ? I like the last one
Kyle Smith Jul 12, 2012
I agree Jesper. America has fallen back substantially in the fuel economy section, then again gas in America is dirt cheap compared to Europe.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 12, 2012
@William: Was it a brand new one or the older ones?
Jesper Jensen Jul 12, 2012
I agree with Dinu the US is not the best at making cars.. They havnt keept up with fueleconomy and pollution, their two major factories is running on loans from the State, one is controlled by Fiat. To be a patriot is good, but dont be stupid !
William Downs Jul 12, 2012
yea i finally went and checked out a challenger and.. thats one boring looking interior.. but thats just my opinion.. they sound boss though
Justen Truhett Jul 12, 2012
@Dinu you don't know what your talking about
Jordan Jackson Jul 12, 2012
SRT needs to make one of these compete with the GT500 and ZL1, get back in the game Dodge!
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 12, 2012
'MERICA! I've never really liked chally's, but this commercial almost changed my mind haha
Zachary Maurer Jul 12, 2012
It's a good commercial, but I saw this too many times where I live
Dinu Fonseka Jul 12, 2012
i wouldnt say that america is the best at making cars...
Jordan Jackson Jul 12, 2012
I love how serious he looks, lol
Ryan Spencer Jul 12, 2012
Easily the best commercial of the selection. Makes me want a challenger
Stephen Wicoff Jul 12, 2012
That just can't be good for the suspension but it sure looks cool!
Description: This commercial is a little dated, but its appeal to patriotism is timeless. Chevy's 1991 lineup may not have initially excited people, but when it was sandwiched between images of America, it wa...
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Sam Hansen Jul 15, 2012
Every single car in that commercial made me almost gag
Paul Lissona Jul 15, 2012
They should've shown the trucks or something cause idk what Chevrolet I've liked back then. I like a lot now though.
Jordan Jackson Jul 12, 2012
It was good until the '91 Chevy line up appeared, lol
Zachary Maurer Jul 12, 2012
I had to lol when they opened the barn doors and a lumina mpv was there
Description: Ever seen a 2005 Mustang perform the national anthem using just its engine? After you finish watching this video you can say that you have. What could be more American than that?
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Jay Kolvenbag Jul 13, 2012
That was pretty annoying
Tyler Torres Jul 13, 2012
That gave me a head ache.
Samuel Bonorden Jul 12, 2012
They tried to do the same sort of thing on Top Gear with their theme song
Kaigan Viner Jul 12, 2012
I like how it says "Professional driver, closed course. Do not attempt."
Chris Penza Jul 12, 2012
Good concept, bad execution. But even if it went well it couldn't beat jimi hendrix's version
Zachary Maurer Jul 12, 2012
A lil off key there...
Description: The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is proof that if you want something made right, you need to make it in America. Skyscrapers, trains, revolvers, jeans and Jeeps are all inferior products when they come fr...
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Aaron Crisp Jul 16, 2012
And I bet you still live at home with your parents... When you're an adult who works you'll understand why boots are important, in the mean time I don't feel the need to argue over something so meaningless.
Aaron Crisp Jul 13, 2012
Curtis how are cowboy boots useless? I wear them on a daily basis when working outside with hay and horses, nothing gets inside them and they're comfortable... Just saying, bad comparison bud.
Jesper Jensen Jul 12, 2012
The European version is build by Magna styer in austria lol
Flymcbean Jul 12, 2012
I love how they start the commercial with the railroad spike
Justen Truhett Jul 12, 2012
@Curtis that does not even make sense
Matty Michaels Jul 12, 2012
"made in America," they said in one of their commercials it had Italian leather, just like a certain Italian super carmaker... That rhymed with merarri.
Matthew Crighton Jul 12, 2012
Im seeing a Trend. Thats the third dodge/jeep comercial. Car Buz being a little bias?
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 12, 2012
Chrysler has been really good at capturing American spirit recently
Logan LeMonnier Jul 12, 2012
Really well made
Jonathan Romero Jul 13, 2012
American muscle, B..^D just wonderful
Tim Preisinger Jul 13, 2012
Awesome picture!
Pablo Herasme Jul 12, 2012
They went looking for Ricky Bobby
Greg Lewis Jul 12, 2012
Top notch dodge!
Abraham Mendoza Jul 12, 2012
That's the funniest thing I saw in awhile.