Description: Want to get your hands on a new city car from the Volkswagen Group? You've got choices. European buyers can choose between the Volkswagen Up!, the Skoda Citigo or - for a touch of Latin flavor - ...
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Description: Inspider by the Ibiza Bocanegra and the Mii FR concept, the Vibora Negra (Spanish for "black viper") is differentiated by twin racing stripes running up the hood, over the roof and down the ...
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Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 11, 2012
I don't like the car. But what a name! " vibora negra"
Buddy Robinson Jul 12, 2012
It has stripes, and wheels and black accents
Dale Schroeder Jul 11, 2012
If I had to drive a city car regularly, I'd probably pick this over any of the bland looking Japanese offerings.