Comments - Opel Debuts the 'Urban-Chic' Adam

Published: Jul 11, 2012
Description: Stylish, affordable city cars are big business in Europe. Just ask Fiat with its popular 500. Now General Motors has officially unveiled its answer in the form of the new Opel Adam. Named (like the Fe...
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Knox Ferraro Jul 11, 2012
Next up: The Ford Henry!
Description: A two-tone exterior allows for a range of color combinations, complimented by various LED lighting options. Opel design chief Mark Adams sums up what makes Adam unique: "No other car in this segm...
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Scotty Gee Jul 14, 2012
er.. 1980's, not 1970's there SG
Scott Gilbertson Jul 14, 2012
It's like the 1970's "personal computer" by Colecovision, the Adam. (crickets) (nobody here was even born yet in the 80's..)..
Adam Gray Jul 11, 2012
I want one just because of the name!
Jordan Jackson Jul 12, 2012
Add some Juke in there too, lol
Joshua Adams Jul 11, 2012
Porsche meets Fiat 500. Nice, but not for me.
Einar Halfdanarson Jul 11, 2012
Weird, but cool. I think it'll grow on me.
Description: A 1.4-liter option is available with outputs of either 87 or 100 horsepower. They are equipped with Vauxhall's new five-speed manual transmission and optional Start/Stop tech. The company pla...
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Rudy Birnaz Apr 01, 2013
Adam .....
Stephen Wicoff Jul 11, 2012
Looks nicer than a fiat 500. Stick a more powerful engine in it and bring it to the US; then GM would make a huge profit.
Description: The A-segment model is made of high-strength steel and measures almost 3.7 meters long and 1.72 meters wide. MacPherson struts are fitted up front while a compound crank system forms the rear suspensi...
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Tanton Stoneman Jul 11, 2012
I actually like this car. I will never stop laughing my my buddy eventually says " hey let's get in the Adam!"
Igor Natsioks Jul 11, 2012
I'll take this over the smart car any day!
chikenbag Jul 11, 2012
huh... looks pretty good actually...
Carlton Salmon Jul 11, 2012
Looks kinda awkward from this angle.
Matthew van der Linde Jul 12, 2012
They could bring this to the us and badge it as a buick, like they do with other opels
Danyaal Farooq Jul 11, 2012
At first glance . I saw a little Fisker karma ..
chikenbag Jul 11, 2012
this is a good angle of it. gm could make a lot of money off of this in the us with a chevy badge on it. i think it would sell well here.
chikenbag Jul 11, 2012
when moving, it would look completely yellow. as for why they'd do that, no clue...
Carlton Salmon Jul 11, 2012
Erm...why just the one yellow spoke per wheel? Is it meant to be trendy? If it is, I don't get it...
Arthur Grandovskis Jul 11, 2012
Omg from this angle it looks just like fiat 500...
chikenbag Jul 11, 2012
wtf is going on here? will this help to sell this car in europe??
Daniel C Co?a Jul 11, 2012
they could have done better with the placing n shape of the front lamps, didn't really like, but in this shade of red its quite nice. at the very least, distinctive
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 11, 2012
That was the prism
chikenbag Jul 11, 2012
better than that rebadged corolla "chevy" metro
Jonathan Tjandra Jul 11, 2012
I know it is a fiat 500 with opel bodyline but its cool i think Hahahaha