Comments - Aston Reveals V12 Vantage Roadster

Published: Jul 11, 2012
Description: It's taken three years for Aston Martin to chop the top off its twelve-cylinder baby, but the Roadster version of the V12 Vantage is finally here, and it's a welcome addition to the lineup. ...
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Othman Id Jul 23, 2012
It's true that Aston Martin has been doing many similar exteriors, but this convertible is the best for me actually !
John Serely Jul 12, 2012
@tom they do give us a couple things with a v8. they are called the v8 vantage, v8 vantage s, and roadster variants of those
Roger James Franco Jul 12, 2012
I'll put in my 5 cents worth. I think it looks great and I still enjoy looking at an AM when I see one. So no design change for me thanks...but maybe in a few years they could do something different.
Matt Greenlee Jul 12, 2012
and yes, it looks great but ive grown bored of that look. cmon aston, be more creative. when EVERY SINGLE ONE of your cars look exactly the same, it gets old....
Matt Greenlee Jul 12, 2012
i always had a view of aston that was kinda positive but it wouldnt be my first choice and ben put it into words. i agree completely. for a cheaper, better looking exotic, i would go with the newer maserati gran turismo
Ben August Jul 11, 2012
I always thought of Aston martins as rich kid's muscle cars.
Matt Piccolo Jul 11, 2012
@ Matthew, i think u mixed that up, it's one thing to hate on a muscle car, but ur asking for it when u hate on an Aston lol!!! Think u mixed that up ;) cuz there is no muscle car on this earth that's better than an Aston lol...
Einar Halfdanarson Jul 11, 2012
Looks so boring compared to the new Vanquish. Oh well, give them five years and all their cars will share its design.
Matthew Crighton Jul 11, 2012
Its one thing to hate on an Aston. But when you start dissing a muscle car you are asking for it.
Ben August Jul 11, 2012
@forrest " person.." ? So, you've seen it in person already? Wow that's impressive. I didn't think it had even been released except for photos.
Forrest T. Poulin Jul 11, 2012
Change the headlights they look cheap in person and the front of the car is boring
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 11, 2012
It's beautiful. I pray that no aston will ever resemble a ford mustang.
Bryan Garza Jul 11, 2012
Hey don't start bashing other good cars
Stephen Reed Warren II Jul 11, 2012
Taylor is either trying to get everyone stirred up or just has really bad taste in cars. A "Ford Mustang", the cheap gt that every other person on and the road owns, should never even be mentioned in the same sentence as an Aston Martin
Calogero Rumeo Jul 11, 2012
I kinda wanna see how it would look like with a plain hood. Still a beautiful car though.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 11, 2012
What's with Taylor? -"I don't like this car, and I want it to look like a ford mustang."...weird
John Serely Jul 11, 2012
This looks great
Thibault Leroy Jul 11, 2012
Taylor just........ no
Taylor Little Jul 11, 2012
The mustang rendering* I did not mean concept, it has not been approved yet. The orange rendering btw not the blue one.
Taylor Little Jul 11, 2012
I really don't like this look. The engine, yes. The body, no thank you. It would be much cooler of it looked like the mustang concept that everyone says it resembles. Start bringing the hate because I don't like your favorite car.
Knox Ferraro Jul 11, 2012
Why not just louvre the entire hood?
Description: With well-delivered gear changes, sprinting to 62 mph should take no more than 4.5 seconds, and with the pedal to the metal the speedo will eventually hit 190 mph. Specifications are largely the same ...
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Miko Reginella Jul 12, 2012
He's right though. Don't get me wrong, it's sexy, but it's not like any of us weren't seeing this coming out of an aston. They've had the same design for the last decade. For every one of their cars(except one 77). Time to freshen up!
Chad Schley Jul 11, 2012
Wow Chris your special.
Christian De Prisco Jul 11, 2012
I have seen this a few days ago, nothing new tbh
Description: An interior package adding a carbon-fiber fascia and gearshift surround is also available. The hard-top's Sport button is also carried over, sharpening response and opening up the exhaust valves ...
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Jason Brower Jul 11, 2012
I'm impressed. At a time when most companies are shying away from manual models in favor of automatics and smg's, Aston is boldly celebrating the three pedaled car. Bravo.
Bob Turefannt Jul 11, 2012
Manual? That's certainly a plus these days.
Description: Available to order in selected markets now, the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster is priced at £150,000 in the UK, representing a £15k premium over the coupe. The British carmaker claim ...
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Othman Id Jul 23, 2012
I disagree with you guys ,this car can't remind you a BMW ,you were simply dreaming !
MissLaura Anne Jul 11, 2012
Yeah definitely has a touch of Beamer
Taylor Little Jul 11, 2012
I like the rear view but the side just makes me think BMW 1series.
Zachary Maurer Jul 11, 2012
Doug, you really have an "interesting" idea in cars and there design
Danyaal Farooq Jul 11, 2012
I agree with Quinn and Jackson and John
John Serely Jul 11, 2012
I agree with Quinn and Jackson
Jackson Michael Jul 11, 2012
Ya idk what Doug is taking about this thing is incredible
Quinn Shannon Jul 11, 2012
I disagree doug. I think it looks beautiful.
Nathaniel Young Jul 11, 2012
it would look awful den cars need some form of contrast even blacked out cars rewire different shades to avoid looking strange
Den Zo Jul 11, 2012
I wonder how this would look if everything was painted white... The vents, splitter, rear bumper and carbon trims and so on...
Javier Alonso Rivas Jul 11, 2012
i dont know but is something on the hood that is not growing on me, its a little noisy
Craig Lafey Jul 11, 2012
Love it. I need this
Riley Di Pol Jul 12, 2012
Love the duck tail
MissLaura Anne Jul 11, 2012
Love it!! The tail lights are perfect!
John Serely Jul 11, 2012
I live the wheels
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 11, 2012
I'll just keep the top down
Joey Leenay Jul 12, 2012
soft tops aren't horrible, just make this one black
Yaroslav Tishchenko Jul 12, 2012
No no no! Take the top down!
MissLaura Anne Jul 11, 2012
OMG burgundy?! Noooo!!
Thibault Leroy Jul 11, 2012
i hate soft tops
Gregory Allen Diemert Jul 11, 2012
even the interior personally idcbut if i had car like that white everywhere possible same with ivory
Gregory Allen Diemert Jul 11, 2012
ya that red makes it look horrible
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 11, 2012
I'll just keep the top down