Comments - Next-Gen 2014 Corvette C7 Entire Front Fascia Leaked

Published: Jul 10, 2012
Description: Chevrolet has big plans for their Corvette, the most pressing of which is the progression of their all-new 2014 C7 next generation model. Reportedly in development since 2007, Chevrolet has kept a tig...
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Description: Though it was originally taken down shortly after its accidental release, a die-hard Corvette fan was able to catch it and upload it again, complete with Omega's logos and all. The new 2014 Chevr...
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Luis Erick Marcano Schmilinsky Oct 15, 2012
Video taken down again :/
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
and the video gets taken down again? can't watch it :/
Jackson Michael Jul 11, 2012
But of course, that's just IMO
Jackson Michael Jul 11, 2012
@Evan The rear end is a bit outdated. They need to make some slight tweaks that modernize it but allow it to keep the traditional taillights.
Michael Davidson Jul 10, 2012
They better keep the quad tail lights.
Craig Lafey Jul 10, 2012
I hope they keep the circle tail lights. But I'm liking it a lot so far
Colin Dzendolet Jul 10, 2012
they showed the rear end also towards the end, looks like possibly 1 piece taillights that will incorporate the familiar dual rounds we're used to
Klay Owens Jul 10, 2012
Looks kinda like the ls1 camero front end.
Evan Cook Jul 10, 2012
@Jackson Michael What are you talking about the rear of the c6 is the best part of the car!
Thomas Mackey Jul 10, 2012
Looks promising. I hope it's more curvy rather than the "door stop" looks of the c6.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 10, 2012
You know someone got fired over this. What a mistake.
Max Waite Jul 10, 2012
Those machines are freaking awesome
Jackson Michael Jul 10, 2012
As long as they don't change the front too much from the last gen it should be fine. What I really want to see is how they change styling on the hood, interior, and especially the rear.
Adam Lopinsky Jul 10, 2012
This reminds me of the 4th generation camaro's front end with the widened gap up front. The part where this will meet the hood seems to suggest a more angular and aggressive look though
Colby Church Jul 10, 2012
Looks sexy from what I can see :)
Brandon Lidy Jul 10, 2012
Not over hyped. The title said its just the front fascia that was leaked
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 10, 2012
Kyle McCullough Jul 10, 2012
Okay, so I doesn't really show us much of the cr, just a view of the general shape of the front part. I think this video is over-hyped
Travis Bashista Jul 10, 2012
Reminds me of the 90 camaros front end. I love it tho!! Got a 98 camaro sitting out side rite now!
Aaron Crisp Jul 10, 2012
Ohhh mama, another Corvette article! Let's shoot for 400. Haha really though, I'm very excited.
Kane Solomon Sep 25, 2012
That's a corvette concept it was in transformers 2.
Lewis Secor Jul 14, 2012
This is insulting. It looks terrible
William Downs Jul 11, 2012
yea jalopnik has a comissioned car sketch based on the final design, taillight probally will be changed cause if u ask people whats part they like the least 70% of the time the first thing is the taillights... me personally i love the quad circle taillights
Kyle Kloewer Jul 11, 2012
Looks like the stingray concept from transformers 2
Daniel Bellafonte Jul 11, 2012
For all these 'it looks like [insert car name]' comparisons I'm surprised no one has said the most obvious one of an Aston Martin One-77 from this angle.
Jay Kolvenbag Jul 11, 2012
Looks cool but ugly
Eric Loke Jul 11, 2012
Camaro looking...
Logan LeMonnier Jul 11, 2012
That is awesome.
Jerry Richards Jul 11, 2012
Until it's official I refuse to believe it. This concept has been around since the second transformers movie (if I remember right) and despite constant hype they haven't done a single thing to put it into production.
Devin Stair Jul 10, 2012
I believe this right here is called the Corvette Mulette, I believe
Wyatt Clark Jul 10, 2012
They should put the headlights right in front of the tires, where the edges of the grill are. That would look awesome!
Avery Williams Jul 10, 2012
@Travis Yeah, I don't know if they are changing the taillights to make it resemble the Camaro or not. I still think the rear has some work to be done on it.
Travis Alcott Jul 10, 2012
The renderings on google look good except they put a camaro rear end on a corvet and they didn't put the high front rear wells on them this car headlights and all look amazing besides who among us will actually afford this car
Zachary Maurer Jul 10, 2012
Correction, might be 1/2
Zachary Maurer Jul 10, 2012
Sooo I found out that my moms friend owns a 2012 corvette Rossi 66 1/1 concept that was supposed to be a retro throwback vette :) looks pretty sweet
Daniel Finnegan Jul 10, 2012
Best looking Corvette in years. Even with the headlghts! Shame the mold in the video looks like an evolution of the C6
Danny Gonzalez Jul 10, 2012
Headlights look really weird but still a awesome car
Abraham Mendoza Jul 10, 2012
Oh such an awesome looking car.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 10, 2012
I was disappointed when I found out that under the skin it's actually a c4 corvette
Avery Williams Jul 10, 2012
If anyone wants to see the whole thing, just go on google and type in 2014 corvette rendered. Looks awesome in my opinion.
Casper Due Hansen Jul 10, 2012
Judging on the background, I can see this is from the Transformers 2 film. Looking good Corvette.. Looking good
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 10, 2012
If the lights could go in the vents like gills on a fish, without breaking regulations of course, this concept would be sex.
Thibault Leroy Jul 10, 2012
it reminds me a bit of the citro�n GT concept
Louis Marr Jul 10, 2012
Hopefully they stay away from this
Extremis Colson Jul 10, 2012
Transformers Corvette stingray concept... slick car.
Tracy Keiser Dron Jul 10, 2012
I think headlights are cool... Different then what we're used to, but pretty cool...
Brian Snyder Jul 10, 2012
Well, thankfully you can see exactly where the new headlights go in the video. Looks nothing like this concept.
Jon Joly Jul 10, 2012
Sexy body, headlights makes me think of someone half awake in the morning.
Jv Jul 10, 2012
luckily this was only a concept.
William Downs Jul 10, 2012
yup those headlights kill it
Trevor Butler Jul 10, 2012
I like everything but those rediculous headlights
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
think that's the vette flags. idk
Terrance Parker Jul 10, 2012
WTF is this? Looks like a cross between Micky Mouse and a bat.
William Downs Jul 11, 2012
well jalponik claims the pic they have of the rendering was comissioned by gm. so if thats true plus what we saw in the video then thats basically the car, just think they can do better with the tail lights
Abraham Mendoza Jul 11, 2012
Oh yeah I've been looking at that rendering for a while, maybe they had it right. The prototypes do look pretty similar to the drawings.
Zachary Hill Jul 11, 2012
Jalopnik revealed a rendering of the C7 ZR1 and carbuzz had it on here Nov. 15th, and that rendering looks very similar to this one.
Ivan Ryzhov Jul 10, 2012
Jalopnic released an article similar to this in which there is a link to the whole car
Jack Higgins Jul 10, 2012
Matt, if you're trying to seem British, it's spelled tonnes, not tones.
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
@ Abraham I've see tones of them!!
Phillip Greene Jul 10, 2012
Well seeing as no vett has ever been im sure you dont have to worry about that
Jt Collier Jul 10, 2012
Almost shark like. I like what I see. Hopefully build quality won't be so Shoddy
Abraham Mendoza Jul 10, 2012
Matt must've never seen a C6. I really like what I see here. Those lines look pretty awesome on the hood leads to the bumper.
Dillon Dixon Jul 10, 2012
It's definitely sharper and has some much more aggressive headlights. Now the rest of the car needs to look this good!
Dylan Bruder Jul 10, 2012
Being a vette fan i see a good bit of difference and I like what I see more flowing and aggressive so far
John Serely Jul 10, 2012
Looks good, I like how it is more "aggressive". Can't wait for it to be released
Brian Snyder Jul 10, 2012
Looks like its going to have sharp lines on the front fenders. Maybe some stingray genetics coming back, at least I hope so! Those dramatic curves were sexy as hell ;-)
Pablo Herasme Jul 10, 2012
Different Headlights thats for sure
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
It looks fairly close to the current one -_-
Jv Jul 10, 2012
I like what I see. Can't wait to see the whole car.