Comments - BMW E36 M3 Art Car by Menno Baars Listed in Holland

Published: Jul 10, 2012
Description: Famed Dutch artist (and apparent cardiologist) Menno Baars recently followed in the footsteps of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and the like in designing and painting a special BMW M3 Art Car. His uni...
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Description: In true artistic fashion, Baars said (in a very loose translation from Dutch on his website that his car "Has power to express the enchantment it gives me. On the other hand, had t...
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Moe Sargi Jul 10, 2012
Never let an artist near a car.
Nick Sti Jul 10, 2012
Tyler, technically, it does
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jul 10, 2012
I could have my little cousin throw paint on a BMW too but that doesnt mean its art.
Kyle Smith Jul 10, 2012
I'm not feeling it, as long as its for shows though it's cool. I wouldn't want to be driving around town with this.
Description: It rides on some blacked-out 18-inch LM Rims with new Toyo tires which not only look great but further bring out Baars' unique finish. Is the BMW M3 race car by Menno Baars something you would bi...
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Edmond Gebara Jul 10, 2012
Rugrats meets pimp my ride
Andrew Hossann Jul 10, 2012
The hood person has nice jugs
Graham Browne Jul 10, 2012
Looks like some pimp my ride disaster that a kid has painted all over. This id not an official BMW Artcar.
Matt Wolodkiewicz Jul 13, 2012
It's sad what some people consider art these days.
Josh Carlisle Jul 10, 2012
I would rather have that pleather wrapped f430. This is just an embarrassment.
Edmond Gebara Jul 10, 2012
At least there isn't some hideous stadium bleacher for a wing... Oh, wait...
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 10, 2012
no digging this side!
Lead Peddalin Jul 11, 2012
It's not even decent art. It's sad.
Edmond Gebara Jul 10, 2012
This would look beautiful... In the dark.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 10, 2012
Id buy it...if the paint was washable
Kyle Janchenko Jul 10, 2012
I like the blue cup steering wheel, it's unique. I'd take that, leave the rest... :/
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
This makes a bit of sick come up in my throat