Description: Toyota's sub-brand Scion has a new sporty little coupe that looks good and runs great for those on a budget. The 2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 features a five-piece body kit designed by Troy S...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
an 8.0L would be 1/2 the size of the whole car.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 10, 2012
Darn no 8.0 liter engine...
Edwin K. Arroyo Mora Oct 08, 2012
This is a great looking car, really comfortable spacious has 6speeds an awesome car all around
Hamoon Asgary Jul 18, 2012
This tc looks bossy
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
looks like a scion badged 2 door Toyota Camry
William Downs Jul 11, 2012
i hate the tc, never really like them, and this gen is even uglier then the last one, and again someone makes a body kit for this car and it looks almost bone stock.. this kit looks almost exatly the same as the trd factory body kit cept the different rear bumper
Rommel Powell Jul 11, 2012
I would rather walk. I've only known high school girls to drive these cars. Nothing more than a cheap graduation gift for new drivers,
No Pistons Jul 10, 2012
Stupid because cost has no correlation to looks, if your arguing quality then it's a different story.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 10, 2012
People on carbuzz in general don't believe they have opinions, just their opinionated facts...IMO
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
Hows that stupid?
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
@ Patrick well I mean for a 20k car, it's good looking compared to other cars in the price range, for a 110k car, their are better cars (IMO) for the price
Patrick Schalk Jul 10, 2012
Matt I've never heard someone base looks off of price. That's really dumb.
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
(and it was 4 inches to high)
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
And I never said the crosstie looked (great) I said the front wasn't bad, the back needed work as it was about 4 inches to high.... I don't recall calling it an amazing looking car?
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
Brian, they look good for what they are like 20k? This looks pretty damn good.. 110k, the viper could b better... Of course the viper looks better than this, but at the price it's at, I'd expect more
Zachary Maurer Jul 10, 2012
Wow, thats the most opinionated comment I've heard from Brian, anyway, as a first car for a high schooler, I would save up for this, relatively cheap, and its actually ok looking IMO, plus good mpg
Devin Babyn Jul 10, 2012
Completely agree Brian. This car is damn ugly. I don't even think the profile looks any good
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
And adding on, didn't the Celica share the same platform as the corolla too, =)
Dan Bousquet Jul 10, 2012
i like the tc. i think its good looking in a sort of understated kind of way
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
I'm not hating on it or any of you who are defending it, these are just my opinions, lol
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
Yes, I've been in multiple tc's, they feel just like a corolla to me, and if they share a basic frame, it's more like comparing green apples to red ones
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
This looks great!!
Justin Cusano Jul 10, 2012
It would look good with a facelift.
chikenbag Jul 10, 2012
the only corolla that had the 2.4 was the xr-s. they didn't make a whole lot of them, but they where fun as hell actually
chikenbag Jul 10, 2012
@jordan- tc was actually based off of the celica, not the corolla
Knox Ferraro Jul 10, 2012
Jordan, have you ever been in or ridden in a tC? Corolla it is not. That's like saying a TT is a Beetle. Yeah, there are some shared components, but they aren't the same car. At all.
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
It's still just a tc, basically a corolla with two doors, new sheet metal and badges...
Description: An Absolutely Red exterior finish contrasts brilliantly with gloss black side mirrors and also black 18-inch alloy wheels. Toyota Racing Development has also added their input on the RS 8.0 with lower...
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Description: The interior utilizes sporty seats with a similar-to-the-exterior black and red fabric and stitching theme. A leather-wrapped race-inspired steering wheel with paddle shifters further denotes this new...
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Bob Turefannt Jul 12, 2012
The tC is FWD when the FR-S is RWD, so FR-S all the way.
Carlton Salmon Jul 11, 2012
A Genesis coupe or an FR-S I'm sure would be preferable to this for around the same price, but the insurance would be a whole lot more.
Jeremy E. Rogers Jul 11, 2012
22k for a TC or... 24k for a FR-S hmmmmmmmm....
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 11, 2012
You can get the new genesis coupe 2.0t with 275hp for 22k so this is not a good deal for a drivibg enthusiast.
John Francis Jul 10, 2012
@Matt Haha, I share a similar Japanese fanboyism to you. I just started commenting but I've had this app from the very beginning. And yes, MKIV Supras are my favorite cars too. (: But I have to say I'm loving the BRZ/FR-S too.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 10, 2012
the FR-s should have the front of this car
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
@ John, actually that totally slipped my mind, yea I think id do that too!!! And nice profile pic ;)
John Francis Jul 10, 2012
I'd fork over the extra dough for the FR-S. The tC isn't bad looking, but the FR-S is one of my favorite cars and it isn't THAT much more expensive. I know it's like comparing apples to oranges but still.
Zachary Maurer Jul 10, 2012
It's his opinion jack
Jack Howard Jul 10, 2012
The wrx looks completely fine
Matt Piccolo Jul 10, 2012
That is a Great deal... And the new wrx doesn't look very good so I'd kelp the extra 4k and get this
Nick Sti Jul 10, 2012
Not really, you could have a new WRX for $25k
Nick Pietropaolo Jul 10, 2012
wow, I don't really like the Tc but this is a bargain
Kyle Smith Jul 10, 2012
It looks fine, not the prettiest, but it's okay. The exhaust I dig, it's better than having a dual (on a 4 cylinder) and its subtle not too flashy.
Mitch Pchelarov Jul 10, 2012
The back of the new model looks sooo damn ugly
Edwin K. Arroyo Mora Oct 08, 2012
Great all around
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
just make it a straight pipe
No Pistons Jul 10, 2012
That is a horrible exhaust design!
Joe Fats Harper Jul 10, 2012
That pipe zigzags like crazy! It looks like it couldn't decide which side to come out on
Kyle Smith Jul 10, 2012
Put me on that list too, I'm feeling it
Brandon Lidy Jul 10, 2012
Yeah it's pretty nice. Still subtle though
Knox Ferraro Jul 10, 2012
I'm down with that exhaust.