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Published: Jul 01, 2012
Description: America currently has a love affair with zombies. "The Walking Dead" is a ratings darling, and Hollywood is producing more zombie movies than ever. Still, just because zombies are good for m...
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Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2012
Zombie Highway is awesome!!! I have that app
Caner Ozdemir Jul 01, 2012
This article reminds me of the iPhone app Zombie Highway :p
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jul 01, 2012
@bob I thought that too but remembers zombies have nothing to do with 2012 lol
Bob Jones Jul 01, 2012
Where's the Silverado commercial from this years Super Bowl?
Logan LeMonnier Jul 01, 2012
I love these car ad articles pretty entertaining
Jack Hufford Jul 01, 2012
I'm sorry, but if you're advertising a car, advertise the car and leave out the zombies. If you're advertising any truck or suv, then you could consider using a few zombies. (IMO)
Description: Chances are that your zombie apocalypse car of choice isn't a Corolla. That's too bad, at least if this commercial is to be believed. The ad is cheesy, but the zombies actually look threaten...
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David Liebe Hart Jul 02, 2012
I remember this commercial
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
Congratulations sir, you've just infected yourself with the zombie virus. Your girlfriend will be your first snack, way to go
Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2012
You don't stick your hands in a zombies mouth!!!!
Mark A. Young Jul 01, 2012
The commercial is really just focusing on reliability.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 01, 2012
They showed the guy trapped in a Saab. Not cool Toyota. Not cool.
Description: This short shows two friends running out of gas while being chased by zombies, only to be rescued by a smokin' hot babe in a Volt. Maybe the zombie apocalypse won't be so bad after all.
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Thomas Newman Jul 06, 2012
Soooooo you'll run out of gas in the zombie apocalypse but not electricity?
Frank Alberto Baez Jul 02, 2012
Lol. BS, you pick whatever car Is easier/closer to pick and run forest.
bryan126 Jul 02, 2012
that girls is fine
Mario Callirgos Jul 02, 2012
Oh no the volt is bricking. Someone call the geek squad! Ford raptor and a couple of AK47s for me
Greg Lewis Jul 01, 2012
But all aside, great seeing companies goofing off like this. Makes it fun!
Greg Lewis Jul 01, 2012
Torque, needed. These cars are fine if you're running in the clear, but if you need to bull doze you some zombies, 70's pickup. Less likely to damage the cooling system, and the low end power is great. Also higher up.
Jay Kolvenbag Jul 01, 2012
The slogan is : "you'll never run out of gas anymore, but out of battery-power"
Keegan Mathur Jul 01, 2012
Why on Earth would you pick a Volt to outrun zombie's? You'll run out of electricity before you make the city limits
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2012
She was hot and English! Thought they'd use a stereotypical American busty blonde for this kind of commercial...?
Das Stig Jul 01, 2012
why is that black guy carrying their door? he doesn't even look like a zombie.
Description: This ad features a man facing certain death from a trio of zombies, that is until he realizes that it's probably better to run in his WRX than fight with his baseball bat. The folks from "Th...
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Jonathan Romero Jul 02, 2012
Well..... It made sense -_______-
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
@nick that was nice, i used to get over 20 when i had my scooby and i didnt baby it
Nick Sti Jul 01, 2012
@Andrew, when I drive the STi, it gets about 21-23 with spirited driving.... You're doing it wrong
Patrick Joseph Jul 01, 2012
The official car of the coward.
Geoff Novak Jul 01, 2012
Lol official escape car. Thanks subaru. Ill keep that in mind
Andrew Palmer Jul 01, 2012
My outback xt averages 19 when I drive like a granny
Andrew Palmer Jul 01, 2012 nonsense...better keep a gas can close, that 2.5 turbo get gas mileage like a full size pickup from the 70's(maybe worse)