Description: Mercedes-Benz is bringing out a Shooting Brake version of their CLS for 2013. The new variant marks the culmination of the German's work, which we first got a glimpse of back at the 2010 Beijing ...
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Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 02, 2012
Why are wagons called shooting breaks
David Markham Jul 01, 2012
Is it just me, or does the name "shooting brake" sound a little unsafe :s
Kevin Thomas Carroll Jul 01, 2012
I love wagons & hatches! I think this one is stunning & I can't wait to see the AMG version.
Christian De Prisco Jul 01, 2012
And this will be bought by...??????
AlexIvan Rios Jul 01, 2012
It was cool until i saw its a wagon. Looks like a porsche panamera from the back the interiors are pretty bad-ass but all panamera based.
Zachary Maurer Jul 01, 2012
The us won't get this...:(
Paul Dickey Jul 01, 2012
A shooting break is essentially a wagon.
Humza Husain Jul 01, 2012
well doesn't a shooting brake have 2 doors?
Harrison Trapnell Jul 01, 2012
First picture: Cant even see the changes!!!
Description: It does indeed have a long hood with narrow windows, however its roof isn't quite as dynamic and sloping as one would image a true shooting brake would have. According to Mercedes, they contend t...
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Alanda Burroughs Jul 02, 2012
A coupe huh? They've just f'd up the whole category and sucker'd a bunch of peeps into believing that this is an example of a coupe. Just like the idiots that try to claim that a 4-door is ALSO an acceptable example of a coupe. You're right...they are a bunch of imbeciles.
Chris Gaines Jul 01, 2012
not a coupe you imbeciles
Description: The diesels include an entry-level 204hp 250 CDI BlueEfficiency plant and a more powerful 265hp 350 CDI BlueEfficiency engine. The gasoline engines available are the 350 BlueEfficiency 3.5-liter V6 ra...
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Einar Halfdanarson Jul 01, 2012
Looks great. Mercedes has going a new niche here, and I'm pretty sure BMW and Audi will follow soon as well.
Tony Marro Jul 07, 2012
Like the front and rear views, but from the side, everything aft of the B pillar reminds me of a '99 Taurus wagon. Haha.
David Liebe Hart Jul 02, 2012
No, it's an SLR Stirling Moss
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jul 02, 2012
İs it the new SLR on the cover of carbuzz?
Reid Huff Jul 02, 2012
shooting brakes don't have to be two doors look it up.
kolton Jul 02, 2012
This and the CTS-V are the only attractive wagons.
statusone Jul 02, 2012
nice try carbuzz. this isnt a shooting brakes, its a wagon. shooting brakes have two doors
Brendon Davis Jul 02, 2012
This thing would be beautiful if it weren't looking like a Brazilian - beautiful body with sexy curves but an ugly face.
David Liebe Hart Jul 01, 2012
I actually kinda like the look of "shooting brakes" and this is no exception
Dillon Magee Jul 01, 2012
AMG*. Stupid auto spell.
Dillon Magee Jul 01, 2012
I hope they do an AMGEN of this.
Kenneth Poskey Jul 01, 2012
I'm gonna love it when bmw does. a six series shoooting break based off the beware six series sedan
Chris Gaines Jul 01, 2012
I think I'm going to barf
Matthew van der Linde Jul 01, 2012
One of the nicest wagons ive seen
Paul Dickey Jul 01, 2012
I'm a fan. Looks good. I love the cls
John Serely Jul 01, 2012
I really like the whole thing. Well done,
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 01, 2012
I kinda like the profile line... But.. The front is just ugly
Dylan Lowes Jul 04, 2012
Looks like the R-CLass
Zachary Maurer Jul 01, 2012
Dang, look at dat third brake light...
Paul Lissona Jul 01, 2012
Nice color outside and inside makes this look great.
Victor Takhanov Jul 01, 2012
Holy shit. Just wait for the AMG version.
Stephen Wicoff Jul 01, 2012
Very nice looking. The front end resembles a Volvo S60, which isn't a bad thing either.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jul 01, 2012
Not to hate but this reminds me of the prius camper in white.
John Serely Jul 01, 2012
I like white better
Mic Wong Jul 01, 2012
Because there's too little choice in this plant
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2012
I don't know why anyone would pay the extra to have one of these instead of an equivalent E-Class estate. Too much style over substance and too much of a niche IMO.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 05, 2012
(slight resemblance)
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 02, 2012
The back of an r class
John Serely Jul 01, 2012
@justin I totally disagree
Paul Dickey Jul 01, 2012
Agreed. Too girly. Other than that I love the cls
Justin Di Nardo Jul 01, 2012
MB fails at tail light design imo
Scott Gracey Jul 01, 2012
I wasn't a big fan of the exterior but the interior makes up for it!
Paul Lissona Jul 01, 2012
This looks great in every part.
Rithhin Jawahar Jul 01, 2012
Yeah the high gloss looked like something Toyota does with the Camry!! -.- this is way cooler
boldcars Jul 01, 2012
you're right, I like the low gloss finish to the wood, its nice.
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2012
Nice interior. At least Mercedes have stopped using wood with a high varnish - at least here anyway. This looks way more classy.
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2012
Looks good though
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2012
The rear floor makes it look big but with the steeply raked rear and the seats up, tall loads will be difficult to fit. I'd guess the buyer of this wouldn't worry about that though. Nothing larger than bags from Kings Road clothes shops back here...