Comments - Next Generation Mazda MX-5 Miata Rendered

Published: Jul 01, 2012
Description: Although it first debuted in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 is still only in its third generation. For a model this old, it's remarkable how Mazda has managed to slowly evolve their best-selling roadster o...
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Steven Velez Jul 03, 2012
it still looks like its smiling at me
Jt Collier Jul 02, 2012
Not digging the toucan Sam fascia
Matt Page Jul 02, 2012
The need to get away from all this squaring off cars corners dont flow curve it
Reece Agland Jul 02, 2012
please tell me no that thing is hideous
Benjamin McCormick Jul 02, 2012
I second Christopher. Looks like a crossfire...and not in a good way. But, it's just a rendering. Doubt the finished product will look like this.
Brendon Davis Jul 02, 2012
I think that this design is fairly close - I just think Mazda will use something sleeker for headlights. And I expect a crease in the door area as well.
Brendon Davis Jul 02, 2012
It ain't horrible.
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jul 01, 2012
I think I'll wait for the Miata-based Alfa.
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jul 01, 2012
:c darnit, Mazda...
Josh Lofty Jul 01, 2012
I wish this were the official car. I love my 92 miata!!!
Douglas Dielle Jul 01, 2012
@Chris that front almost follows the CX-5 which is a hideous looking car itself.
Douglas Dielle Jul 01, 2012
I'm not buying this and will rather stick with my NC2.
Danny Tang Jul 01, 2012
When was the MX5 about looks...
tyrael Jul 01, 2012
noooooooooooooo!!!!! please mazda cant do this!!
Chris Bullock Jul 01, 2012
It's only a rendering guys, the front will probably look similar to the cx-5. I remember some mazda concepts from a while back and they look like the cx-5.
Ebby Majd Jul 01, 2012
Disappointing. The front end is hideous! Chrome under a rectangle headlight? The rear of the car is ever more unorganized. Shame on you Mazda, shame on you.
John Serely Jul 01, 2012
The whole front end does not work for me
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2012
If they changed the grill and emblem a little bit, it's basically a cadillac roadster
Mark A. Young Jul 01, 2012
Kill it with a stick!
Christopher Lawrence Reber Jul 01, 2012
Reminds me too much of the crossfire. Not a fan Mazda
Johnny Hoover Jul 01, 2012
I guess every one will buy the Alfa
Johnny Hoover Jul 01, 2012
Garbage! This is so wrong it isn't even funny
Calogero Rumeo Jul 01, 2012
Hello there smiley!
Devin Babyn Jul 01, 2012
Yes!!! No stupid smile. Don't care if they make it uglier as long as they ditch the smile
Vincent Butler Jul 01, 2012
Are we back to over priced cars, only 10% of the US can offered over priced cars. In my opinion it's just pointless.
Tanton Stoneman Jul 01, 2012
Omg, that's pretty fugly.
Vincent Butler Jul 01, 2012
This car is ugly, Anyways Carbuzz are we done with Imports now?
Stephen Cobbs Jul 01, 2012
Hahaha funny how about we re-render that.
Adam Wieland Jul 01, 2012
That's awful, Mazda styling over the past few years has gone way down hill
Jack Hufford Jul 01, 2012
This front end sucks. Stick with the older one.
Andrew Palmer Jul 01, 2012
That Mazda front end is awful... Its the same look that ruined the least the new 3 "looks " happy...not just deformed.
Brett Buckley Jul 01, 2012
One word - Ugly!
Nathan Simpson Jul 01, 2012
Headlights are horrid
Mike Conrad Jul 01, 2012
The front end apart from the grille and emblem just seems kind of American to me. Not very small and sporty like I'd expect a Miata to be.
Knox Ferraro Jul 01, 2012
The headlights are a little too plain Jane.
Matt Piccolo Jul 01, 2012
This is ok, it needs some tweaking though
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
that is horrible
Reid Huff Jul 01, 2012
Mazda won't do this but it would be cool if they just started building the original miata again for a cheap price it would sell.
gammo66 Jul 01, 2012
it reminds me a little of the maserati quattroporte
Description: In other words, Mazda believes their current generation MX-5 is too big and too heavy. So what to do? Downsize. In the coming months Mazda will reveal the fourth generation MX-5 Miata and, as they&apo...
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Cody Jacques Jul 02, 2012
I love it being 2000 pounds Just with all the automotive advancements I hope they'd be able to pull 250hp out of a 4 cylender keeping good mpg (like the honda s2k did 10 years ago!)
Mauro Donatti Jul 01, 2012
This is by far the ugliest miata ever not to mention its lack of power. Looks like Chevy volt meets a go kart.
Chris Gaines Jul 01, 2012
I second that notion Donald
Donald Chip Schofield Jul 01, 2012
More power please, atleast 200 hp
Michael Page Jul 01, 2012
Around 2k pounds with all of today's safety requirements (i.e. multiple airbags, stronger chassis'), seems a bit of a challenge. I hope they get close.
Matt Piccolo Jul 01, 2012
I'm happy to hear they'll b using the design language from the cx-5, i think if they do, this'll b the est looking mx5 yet!!!!
Will Watashi Jul 01, 2012
Because that would mean that they'd have to use such materials as carbon fibre, resulting in an increase of the car's overall price. Subsequently sales of this car would fall.
Sam Oglesby Jul 01, 2012
Why don't they just do what lotus do keep it the same and add lightness the mx5 looks better as it is
Description: Thanks to graphic artist Theophilus Chin, we've been giving what we think are the most accurate renderings of the new car we've seen so far. It's clearly smaller than the third-gen mode...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Jul 01, 2012
They are making a small car even smaller
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2012
Not a chance in hell
Cody Jacques Jul 02, 2012
wow thats bad, fire this man.
Bob Jones Jul 01, 2012
It took em a while to get it right but it is crap again!!!
Douglas Dielle Jul 01, 2012
Cheap looking 1980s design, might I add.
Douglas Dielle Jul 01, 2012
Theophilus can go to hell with these renderings. Did he use to work for Peugeot or Renault? They make the most horrid looking cars and these drawings keep reminding me the Peugeot 'sports' cars.
Ebby Majd Jul 01, 2012
It looks like a deranged dog begging for food. Mazda will suffer a great loss if they decide to use this design.
Alex Preston Jul 01, 2012
No no no no no :(
Mark A. Young Jul 01, 2012
The rear is even worse!
Geoff Novak Jul 01, 2012
Love the front hate the rear. It looks to blochy
Chris Benson Jul 01, 2012
The back panel kinda reminds me of the mustang. It's not bad. Just different.
Johnny Hoover Jul 01, 2012
Who ever render this was high !
Calogero Rumeo Jul 01, 2012
I think their thinking Taylor, "Ya this is new and kinda not bad, I'm sure our loyal customers will be satisfied, I think, alright let's put this baby in production. "
Taylor Garry Jul 01, 2012
Seriously what do they think when they make these designs. I know it wont be used but can they really look at it and say, "yeah that looks good."
John M Weishahn Jul 01, 2012
It looks like Chrysler built an S2000.
Kasey Cook Jul 01, 2012
Wow. Epic fail. I hope Mazda has something totally different in mind cuz this thing is awful.
Andrew Palmer Jul 01, 2012
Better from the back than from the front...
Brett Buckley Jul 01, 2012
Two words - Really Ugly
Matt Piccolo Jul 01, 2012
This is just a rendering though, it's not even Mazdas rendering.... And anyways, they're suppost to b using design language from the new cx-5 and this is two it's a venous this won't b used
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
that back end is horrible.
Mathew Beames Jul 01, 2012
That back end is hideous
Nick Schnee Jul 01, 2012
I agree, the front doesn't look that great but the back is awesome.
David Tyler Jul 01, 2012
love the back i dont care for the new front