Description: The X Games are currently underway in LA. The action sports event features plenty of stunts in many different disciplines, and Team Hot Wheels recently pulled off possibly the highlight of the entire ...
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Yasmin Alonso Jul 02, 2012
Awesome shit!! ^.^
Syed Raiyan Jul 02, 2012
U got an enzo too
Lee Cascio Jul 02, 2012
Those things had some stiff suspensions did you see that thing bounce when it landed.
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2012
It didn't look like they were going fast enough, but that's awesome!
Chris Penza Jul 02, 2012
Too bad I missed it. This is by far my favorite part? P.s. Are foust and Tracy two of the hotwheels "secret drivers?"
Joshua Adams Jul 01, 2012
Those spring rates are unbelievable.
Pompey Paul Jul 01, 2012
I'd love to see that @joe, lol
Mike van Varik Jul 01, 2012
Cooler than the Top Gear loop I think
Austin Bride Jul 01, 2012
I think that would have been cooler in person
Kenneth Williams Jul 01, 2012
That would be a pretty fun ride. Wonder how many G's they pulled
Zachary Maurer Jul 01, 2012
@joe, lol ya that was fun, but it would chip my Enzo Ferrari hot wheels :(
Joe Hero Jul 01, 2012
My vote for the next hot wheels stunt: criss-cross-crash. Anyone else remember that track?
Stephen Cobbs Jul 01, 2012
They should have done it faster and had a barrel roll ramp to finish.
Troi Stoessel Jul 01, 2012
That second one almost didn't make it
David Liebe Hart Jul 01, 2012
That was a pretty cool stunt
Description: The Hot Wheels Double Loop, as it is called, was pulled off by stunt driver Greg Tracy (who finished first) and rally driver Tanner Foust. Foust barely made the jump at the end, however he and his com...
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Chris Penza Jul 02, 2012
Yeah I used to have hundreds of hotwheels cars and I made the craziest tracks ever
Besim Hojhalli Jul 01, 2012
Watching that reminded me of my childhood
Chris Penza Jul 02, 2012
I just looked up at the tv and they showed this. What a coincidence. Who won the races?
Bob Jones Jul 01, 2012
They're not Fords, they're special cars that Hot Wheels built for this stunt.
Tj Blankenship Jul 01, 2012
Ford Focuses. :/
Zachary Maurer Jul 01, 2012
Ik, that car is sweeet!
Jared Joyner Jul 01, 2012
Does anyone else notice that the loop doesn't go all the way around
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Jul 01, 2012
What car is that?