Comments - Audi R8 e-tron Sets the Nurburgring EV Lap Record

Published: Jul 01, 2012
Description: Audi is claiming the Nurburgring lap record for a production EV, as their e-tron just clocked a 'Green Hell'-ish fast time of just over eight minutes. Well, 8:09.099 to be exact. The clip of...
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Sasa Jungic Jul 04, 2012
Didn't Megane RS 265 trophy do about the same? Just goes to show how good that car is
Peter Papen Jul 02, 2012
The actual word in French is 'étron'..
Jason Brown Jul 01, 2012
Is that a recent slang? In France?
Patrick Joseph Jul 01, 2012
Interesting. I bet Audi is really worried right now.
Simon Trépanier Jul 01, 2012
E-tron meens "sh*t" in French... Did you know that Audi before finding a name for your EV R8?
Description: Some of you may recall Toyota setting a lap time of 7:47 in August of last year on the infamous 12.9-mile German track with their EV P001, however Audi is saying that the e-tron is the champ due to th...
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Mark Reider Jul 02, 2012
I just read that this thing has 4 electric motors, one for each wheel. The torque produced from the 4 is 3320. 830lbs feet at each wheel.
Jordan Massenburg Jul 02, 2012
that torque number wasnt a typo was it?
Chris Johnson Jul 02, 2012
To get that number Audi measured the torque at the wheels instead of the output shaft (as is standard). The E-tron puts out about 252 lb-ft when measured conventionally.
Brandon Lidy Jul 01, 2012
Cold fusion is our way
Mark Reider Jul 01, 2012
As a comparison, the Tesla Sport has 288hp and 295ft lbs of torque from a electric motor and it hits 0-60 in 3.7 secs.
Mark Reider Jul 01, 2012
Something must be wrong! That's twice as much torque as a tractor trailer. To only do 120 mph, it's geared so low for that much torque. It should burn the tires right off, if not break all the drive components. Who agrees with me, that's a typo.
Scott Gracey Jul 01, 2012
Why not just take it a step further than EV and hybrid and hydrogen, take it to the next level of fuel/energy savings... Flints tone power, just no flooring where the pedals would be and we do like Fred flintstone did
Jordan Smith Jul 01, 2012
Hydrogen is also very explosive apparently.
Harrison Trapnell Jul 01, 2012
But hydrogen is VERY dense..... apparently.
Joe Lamouk Jul 01, 2012
But yeah indeed, I think it's the future too.
Joe Lamouk Jul 01, 2012
The problem is that you need a lot of energy to produce and to keep hydrogen. So as long as we won't be able to produce a lot of electricity from renewable sources, it's just pointless to transform fuel / coal / etc... into hydrogen.
Reid Huff Jul 01, 2012
Hydrogen is the future!
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2012
Oh and you can make the fuel at the gas station
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2012
Any body else think we should focus more on hydrogen? We get to keep our current engines and the only byproduct from burning it is water, sound easier to me
Taylor Olson Jul 01, 2012
Holy mother of torque
Stephen Krane Jul 01, 2012
Don't forget how heavy they are
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
@anders, there arent gears in an ev, its just the motors and i already stated why the speed is what it is, higer top speed required a higher rmp, witch creates more heat witch would kill the battery faster in the range area but also in the life of the battery.
Anders Schrøder Jul 01, 2012
No typo. But it's kind of surprising with those numbers. A lot of unused torque which could have been used for higher top speed with another gearing, but the 0-60 time isnt even that good. I think it has something to do with the motors beeing ...
Thibault Leroy Jul 01, 2012
the torque is a typo right??
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jul 01, 2012
In some places the electricity is generated solely through wind, solar, geothermal, etc. Electric power has the possibility to be fully renewable if they can get the battery technology there.
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
but on the plus side holy cow 3000+ ft/lbs of torque thats crazy.. but producing that probally wipes out the battery prob why the 0-60 is where its at
William Downs Jul 01, 2012
cause or tye rpm of electric motors, they would have spin faster and would start killing batterys and over heating, ev cars arent that great only perk is they dont use gas, other then that they took a step back compared to internal combustion engines
Jeremy Stewart Jul 01, 2012
Why are all electric cars limited to a top speed of around 125?
Description: For the record run, Audi gave the e-tron some leeway and boosted top speed to 155mph. For comparison's sake, the e-tron's time of 8:09 was only 5 seconds slower than the 4.2-liter V8-engined...
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Devin Babyn Jul 01, 2012
I'd still take the R8 though
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jul 01, 2012
*by "this" I mean the V8 gas powered one
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jul 01, 2012
Sad that the Z51 and Grand sport Corvette lap the 'ring faster than this R8 that costs twice as much....
Brendan Bell Jul 01, 2012
You gotta love the black and red...
Joe Fats Harper Jul 01, 2012
The back looks strange with no tailpipes..
Austin Jackson Apr 12, 2013
Those eyes
Keenan Casteel Jul 01, 2012
Looks surprised.
Scott Gracey Jul 01, 2012
Rolling blackout or power outtage, I can no longer use My car lol
John Philip Sousa Jul 01, 2012
Lol Evan is spot on
Evan Cook Jul 01, 2012
Only 2 more days till I can drive again for 2 hours!
Thibault Leroy Jul 01, 2012
yeah seriously looks odd without them
boldcars Jul 01, 2012
where them pipes at lol
Stephen Harry Goldberg Jul 01, 2012
"Oh we got the record? What a surprise, we came totally unprepared, let's just take a picture of the car in front of this conveniently placed billboard."