Description: Now defunct GM brand Oldsmobile was quite something back in the day, you know, before the 1980s and 90s struck. In order to distinguish the brand from Buick and Pontiac, Oldsmobile combined luxury alo...
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Bobby Mccracken Jun 10, 2012
Had a '68 442 in '74. Hurst competition plus shifter Muncie 4 speed. 400 big block. That was stock. Fun car.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 09, 2012
Looks great but I like the 1968 Olds Cutlass 442 the best
Description: Before then, however, Oldsmobile built great cars like the 442. First launched in 1964 as a trim package for the F-86 and Cutlass, it was sort of a delayed response to the Pontiac GTO (there was compe...
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Aaron Crisp Jun 09, 2012
Amazing how much we get out of NA engines these days compared to back then.
Jimmy Bartolotta Jun 09, 2012
I'm surprised they didn't mention what the 4-4-2 stood for; 4 barrel carb, 4 speed, duel exhaust.
Description: When mated to the Hydramatic transmission, it could go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.0 seconds, a quarter-mile time of 15.13 seconds at 92 mph and a top speed of 155 mph. Also that year saw the introduction o...
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Description: Although the 442 continued to live on throughout the decade, by the time the 80s rolled up it was clear that Oldsmobile struggled with the model simply because the era of the muscle car was over. Whil...
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Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
No they said he found experemental parts and put them in a car they never actualy were available in
Andrew McNeal Jun 09, 2012
Apparently they did build it, it's right here
Cory Poteet Jun 09, 2012
Ultra rare? So rare they never built it. Some guy built it in a garage.
Callum Mckay Jun 10, 2012
Ive got a 70 GTO, quite similar to this really. Both beautiful cars.
Matthew Crighton Jun 10, 2012
Beautifull. My dad has a 72 cutlass supreme it is an amazing car. Its one of my favorites.
Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2012
There's a green 442 Hurst wagon driving around my hometown. I wonder how rare the wagons are.
Tim Preisinger Jun 09, 2012
Awesome looking car.
Mason Langenfeld Jun 09, 2012
I love cutlasses! that's the color scheme on our w-30
Description: They then built an aluminum Can Am 455 with twin turbo charging and fuel injection in order to test the limitations of lightweight engine design. The seller of this 1970 442 is an longtime Oldsmobile ...
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Description: The completed car is a very special road going Oldsmobile and a true collector's item in every way. It's currently up for auction with a 'But it Now' price of $196,900. Photos cour...
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Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
Yeah who cares what other people see when they look somone elses car not everyone cares about being seen by a bunch of no bodys who dont know cars
Mark A. Young Jun 10, 2012
An engine that maybe only built 2 of? I think it's worth a little more than 60k. Mopars with original Hemis in them sell for over 100k in nice condition.
baldcoffee Jun 10, 2012
not worth it. not in todays market. its not original. ya maybe 60k. but no more man.
Thibault Leroy Jun 10, 2012
@Brian i know i agree but i mean almost 200k for this car? Most people wont even know what its worth i mean for that price you could get a used 458. But yea i could see how a collector or someone whos really into muscle cars would buy it for that price
Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
I would buy it if it was actualy tt, he doesnt have the tt motor just the motor they tested with turbos but there not there
Zachary Maurer Jun 09, 2012
I want to but it now
Craig Lafey Jun 09, 2012
I'd pay 60k for her.
baldcoffee Jun 09, 2012
i agree. why ebay? should be sold in a quality auction. For shame.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jun 09, 2012
Shouldn't this go to Sotheby's or something in that manner? Why eBay
Thibault Leroy Jun 09, 2012
you would have to be crazy stupid or crazy rich to buy it for that price.....
Rich Hall Jun 09, 2012
For around $200,000 you have a great car you can enjoy & watch the looks of aw ,or you could spend $35 million and look at it with your friends?
Mikey Jimenez Jun 09, 2012
@David in GTA IV the stallion is more of a mustang.
David Eslava Jun 09, 2012
Now I see where the "Stallion" car in GTA videogames comes from.
Lee Gardner Jun 09, 2012
No donut spare tire= a real car
Matthew Crighton Jun 10, 2012
Such a comfy car to ride in.
Colin Dzendolet Jun 10, 2012
I don't see any turbos, Carb induction inlet, charge piping, just a regular air cleaner...I'm confused...