Description: The Nardo Ring in southern Italy is where all the leading supercar and world class carmakers take their cars for testing, as the 14km circle enables cars to go flat out and be pushed to their limit.
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Paul Roberts Jun 10, 2012
I live mustangs but when will ford Learn the the biggest heaviest car doesn't always win. They need better handing a 200 mph car is cool but how has the much room?
Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
Haha they didnt trust there own car
Sean Win Jun 09, 2012
Im personal think the car not stable that why they put a lot reinforcement to the chassis ?
Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2012
What's the point of doing 200 if you gotta fly to Italy to do it?
Brad Wood Jun 09, 2012
Driver has HANS mounting points on his helmet, but not using the device. A 200MPH "test"? Harness and HANS would be a must for me thank you.
Thomas Vorholt Jun 09, 2012
I feel like I can't believe a single thing he just said. Full ABS stop from (alleged) 200mph on a banked circuit and it was "stable"? I dunno about that one...
grant.c Jun 09, 2012
I want one that is charcoal gray and the light blue racing stripes.
Oren Blumenstein Jun 09, 2012
of course it's stable, it had a cage in it don't get me wrong i'm a huge mustang fan
Avery Williams Jun 09, 2012
That's a HUGE ring, never seen something like that before.
Avidity Ultd Jun 09, 2012
wonder if the street version is actually going to be all tracked out like the test example.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 09, 2012
Ill take mine Gray/with Black racing stripes & black interior thank you!
Description: It's one thing building a car that can go 200mph, it's another matter entirely to make one that can stay cool and remain perfectly stable for sustained driving at top speeds. As you'll ...
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Patrick Schalk Jun 09, 2012
Why don't they show the speedometer instead of the tach? That's what I wanna know.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 09, 2012
Must of sprung for the extra glare option on the gauges.
Bull Dogone Jun 09, 2012
Who was driving, Tanner Foust?!?