Comments - Roush Announce RS Package for 2013 Ford Mustang V6

Published: Jun 09, 2012
Description: Ford tuning specialist Roush recently revealed a new package for the 2013 V6 Mustang they have dubbed the Roush Six, or RS package. $4,000 gets you a mean-looking Mustang with a lowered suspension, Br...
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Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
Yea its like the dealer gt kit for v6s, you just look like a tool because its still clearly not a gt
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 10, 2012
IMO you would be the raging dumb ass. Sorry but it's an opinion and everyone is entitled to them like it or not.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 10, 2012
This car with this kit...I would agree with him.
Paul Dickey Jun 09, 2012
Jackson your a raging dumb ass if you think this is one of the lamest cars on the road.
Kevin Rehbock Jun 09, 2012
Transform the V6 into a GT? Just get a real GT.
Jearod Bartlett Jun 09, 2012
You have to be one raging idiot to spend 4k on this.
Jackson Michael Jun 09, 2012
Making the one of the lamest cars on the road awesome!
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 09, 2012
Nevermind I just realized this is listed as yesterday, Sorry Buzz.
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 09, 2012
Carbuzz is slacking, Car and Driver covered this story yesterday. Anyways, I agree, maybe you'd be better off with a GT.
Avidity Ultd Jun 09, 2012
rally sport "rs" isnt exclusive to any one auto maker
Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
Its not rally sport its roush six and im sure they know that rally sport camaros have been around since the first camaro rolled off the line in 67
Steve Waskiewicz Jun 09, 2012
Shouldn't have done "RS." Camaro beat them to it.
Kyle Gareau Jun 09, 2012
In the las two days there has been two factual errors in mustang articles.
Dillon Dixon Jun 09, 2012
This is a 2013 mustang btw.
Description: Other additional visual mods include a windshield banner, an optional hood scoop, rear quarter louvers and RS side & hood graphics. The interior is upgraded with embroidered floor mats, new pedals...
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Paul Dickey Jun 09, 2012
300hp is way above average considering you can get a v8 with 400. Just because it's a v6 don't knock on it.
Brandon Lidy Jun 09, 2012
300hp is a bit considering the price range of the v6 mustang
Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
Ha yeah and I didnt say the mustang is rice I said this kit is rice... Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancments, and 300hp was great 10 years ago now its barly above average
Emmanuel Irizarry Jun 09, 2012
Phillip take away the TT and that car is nothing but a shell
Phillip Holbrook Jun 09, 2012
Lol the new 6 has a lot more upgrades available than older ones already. And if think 6's are weak I'll ask you to look at the GTR.
Jordan Smith Jun 09, 2012
It's not ricer. It's just not a real Mustang
Justin Routh Jun 09, 2012
I dont understand how anything with 305hp is rice but okay if thats what you guys think!
Phillip Greene Jun 09, 2012
Doesnt matter even a s/c v6 mustang wont take a gt of the same year so this is just a rice kit
Val Barata Jun 09, 2012
Yeah I'm kind of surprised, when I think of Roush I usually think of a supercharged v8 for a stage 3. Or at LEAST still a GT if stage 1. This would be fine if they did something to the engine
Domi Bsaibes Jun 09, 2012
Totally agree! I hate it when a car has more looks than horses
Jordan Smith Jun 09, 2012
So, I'm not saying the V6 mustang isn't fast, but this kit is technically a sheep in wolf's clothing.
Ruben Radilla Jun 10, 2012
Pretty clean except that fact that when you pull out of anywhere it's sounds like a little cat rather than the beast of roar a 5.0 puts out. I'd still buy it though. Babes always like good looks = p***y magnet. Truth!
Phillip Holbrook Jun 09, 2012
They make a supercharger for it. Roush's stage 1 and 2 packages are all appearance or suspension. The stage 3 is usually the only one with extra ponies.
Devin Babyn Jun 09, 2012
It's just crying for a S/C
Victor A. Frederick Jun 09, 2012
Eh, something kids can brag about until they get challenged. For the price I would rather have engine upgrades, but on that note the 5.0 is ideal. Maybe u could put this on your GT and it would actually perform. Should be cheaper than a real Rousch.
Phillip Coy Jun 09, 2012
Woohoo! Now it's like I have a GT but I really don't!
Tino Nickolas Alanis Jun 09, 2012
Looks nice, but mustang already had different packages for a v6 already. I don't understand why Roush needs to make one too.
Extremis Colson Jun 09, 2012
still if you can't afford a real one, get the next best thing. LOL
Patrick Schalk Jun 09, 2012
Completely agree with everything you said Bull. Why not shell out that 4k to buy a Five-Oh?
Buddy Robinson Jun 09, 2012
Oh but you know they will
Bull Dogone Jun 09, 2012
Getting spanked daily at every stoplight. Who would drop $4K for this? I'd rather pay for the gas to feed a 5.0 than fake my way through life driving this. Hope nobody buys it.
Tim Preisinger Jun 09, 2012
Yeah I agree. This really does look mean as hell, but the V6 kills it. Although I would gladly take that Shelby replica lol
Dillon Dixon Jun 09, 2012
Man, that looks clean.
Da Stig Jun 10, 2012
Most people drive them are either girls in there 20s or old men
P.j. Reagan Jun 09, 2012
@Carlton, they are for girls in the U.S. t0, especially the V6
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 09, 2012
In Russia..... V6 Mustangs are for little girls
Oren Blumenstein Jun 09, 2012
that's s big wing?