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Published: Jun 09, 2012
Description: What do cars such as the Pontiac Aztek, Chevrolet Vega, Yugo GV and Ford Pinto have in common? They have earned a very rare and special place amongst the general public as absolutely horrendous piece...
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Brandon Carr Jun 10, 2012
Thinking the same thing Nick
Chris Penza Jun 09, 2012
@nick they just failed to mention the mustang 2
Nick Sti Jun 09, 2012
Wait a sec.... American Top Gear
Logan LeMonnier Jun 09, 2012
They were saying that they couldn't perceive their customers wants when they made these cars. Not now. Read it again
Val Barata Jun 09, 2012
I swear car buzz can write some of the worst crap. Yes, they're bad cars, but to say that Chevy and Ford can no longer perceive what their customers want... Um no
Description: When discussing automotive horrors that car connoisseurs remember fondly you have to start with the Ford Pinto. Nothing says party wagon quite like the Pinto. This baby often came in a deep mud brown ...
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Chayton Garverick Jun 12, 2012
Theres one in mint just down the street!
Brandon Carr Jun 10, 2012
@Chris. And your still breathing? Man, that story should be on 'I shouldnt be alive'
Chris Penza Jun 09, 2012
I just saw a pinto yesterday
Clint Edwards Jun 09, 2012
court settlement for death
Clint Edwards Jun 09, 2012
What killed Ford with the Pinto is that after learning about the design flaw, Ford decided that instead of spending around $5 I believe to fix the problem on every car, they decided it was more cost-effective to pay the $220K for the occassional
Zachary Maurer Jun 09, 2012
Shouldn't the Chevy chevette be on here too???
Dale Schroeder Jun 09, 2012
The problem was that the bolts holding the rear bumper on would puncture the gas tank in a rear end collision, which could have been prevented if Ford didn't build the car at cut cost to compete with imports.
Ben Norton Jun 09, 2012
They just had the gas tank in a bad spot
Matt Martir Jun 09, 2012
They are front engine. I think carbuzz just made a mistake and meant something other then "engine on the rear". Or the writer seen the pinto and for some reason thought of the corvair
Kenneth Williams Jun 09, 2012
I've been towed out of sand when I had my integra from a ford pinto. One of the more embarrassing moments of my life. Lol
Jason W. Evers Jun 09, 2012
I thought these were front engine..
Chayton Garverick Jun 12, 2012
I love clunkers, believe it or not
Mark A. Young Jun 10, 2012
It has character. Wouldn't mind having it as my first car.
prodrag Jun 09, 2012
My mom had a 77 pinto. She stopped doing oil changes at around 95 thousand miles. When we gave it to our neighbor cause he needed a car. It had around 493 thousand miles. That 2.3 was bulletproof.
prodrag Jun 09, 2012
Vegas and pintos make awesome drag cars. love both of them.
Erik Scherer Jun 09, 2012
Actually wouldn't havin that! Kinda neat, in an ugly way.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 09, 2012
Round headlights square holes was a mid70s design staple. The Camero, Chevelle, Vega, Impala, Monte Carlo. Etc..bit seemed llke a plastic facia needed them.
Clint Edwards Jun 09, 2012
The Family Truckster
Bob Jones Jun 09, 2012
Square headlight wells with round headlights works on the 280zx. Nothing else.
Dale Schroeder Jun 09, 2012
Ugh, that front end. When did anyone ever think square headlight wells and round headlights looked good?
Brendan Bell Jun 09, 2012
Ewww look at the wheel arches
Brady Williams Jun 09, 2012
Not only is it a pinto but it's green and wood paneled, the trifecta of ugly
Zachary Fix Jun 09, 2012
Yeah but it got good mpg for that time
Vibhu Shakelli Jun 09, 2012
That's not a pinto
Jackson Michael Jun 09, 2012
Wait, this isn't right....
Description: The Chevrolet Vega is the car so many loved but just refused to love its owners back. With a nice design that was true to its make, big things were expected of the Vega. It made a splash in the 1970&a...
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Dale Schroeder Jun 09, 2012
On top of this, the engine was notorious for tearing itself apart due to bad design. John DeLorean said in his book that a lot of people were embarrassed by how badly the Vega turned out.
Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
Ha I like it its a baby camaro and that one carbuzz covered a while back with a 305 was bad ass
Nick Sti Jun 09, 2012
Nah that RV bus is filthy
Jackson Michael Jun 09, 2012
No that trans am is nasty
Bull Dogone Jun 09, 2012
What about that hot Pontiac Trans Am in the background? Looks like a 1980-1981?
Kenneth Williams Jun 09, 2012
They make good drag cars now.
Alex Santaspirt Jun 09, 2012
@Sam, exhaust pipe
Tegra1 Jun 09, 2012
The pinto and Vega could have been better if the manufactures would have engineered better.Remember the pinto lasted until 1981 & the Vega went on to be the Chevy Monza and that too went until 1981 so these cars were not all that bad when you think the pinto was replaced by the Escort and the Vega/Monza was replaced by the Cavalier
Sam Oglesby Jun 09, 2012
The floors hanging of
Description: It would be an injustice to mention the name Pontiac Aztek without including the word revolutionary. This is not because it may have destroyed an 84 year old brand or is the ugliest thing to ever look...
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Shaun Conroy Jun 09, 2012
I thought the Toyota Rav4 was the first crossover.
prodrag Jun 11, 2012
@ Carl. LMAO!!!!!
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jun 11, 2012
@matt, I'm sorry but that there is no lower on the "just cut off my d*** now" scale then driving a Prius.. lol
Knox Ferraro Jun 11, 2012
The Aztec people, knowing the future, chose to die before they had to see this.
Jeremy Siebert Jun 10, 2012
Looks like an angry rhinoceros.
Kyle Smith Jun 10, 2012
Good theory but terrible product!!
Patrick Schalk Jun 09, 2012
That explains a lot Matt
Matt Piccolo Jun 09, 2012
@ Carl, I'd take a Prius over this in a second
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jun 09, 2012
I really don't hate this car, I won't say it's beautiful, but by no means is it a prius...
Clint Edwards Jun 09, 2012
They called it a Crossover because that's what you did. Cross over to the other side of the interstate to the other dealership
Raymond Reynoso Jun 09, 2012
I saw this car on the road yesterday, it's ugly but we aren't all made out of money.
Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2012
These cars had the dumbest looking tailpipes.
Igor Natsioks Jun 09, 2012
This is so ugly!!
Erik Scherer Jun 09, 2012
Out of these 4 vehicles, I'd take the Pinto.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 09, 2012
It's a crossover, crossover = FWD and light towing, SUV = RWD and real towing.
Kevin Rehbock Jun 09, 2012
It's a shitty SUV and a shitty crossover. Just a steaming pile in general.
Jake Knickmeyer Jun 09, 2012
It's ugly in a cool way, in my opinion. Kinda like the gremlin. They're good cars too, actually.
Josh Banning Jun 09, 2012
Was that sarcasm because they're the worst bits
Nick Sti Jun 09, 2012
I like the headlights and grill and hood. Everything else is hideous
Skyler Miller Jun 09, 2012
Looks like a big Prius, but uglier.
Dale Schroeder Jun 09, 2012
Honestly, I think the back end is the real deal breaker. Square it off and it would just look like any other SUV of the time, albeit kinda bloated and with a dorky front end.
Brendan Bell Jun 09, 2012
See? The juke isn't so bad now...
Rockesh Boulder Jun 09, 2012
Its ugly, but my friend has one, and once you get inside, you know you're safe. And is has a decent ride.
Brendan Bell Jun 09, 2012
Omg I see these all over town and I really want to ask those people WHY they bought it.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 09, 2012
I always thought it had a nice ride but anyone who likes this is the same person who looks at a corolla and goes "now there's a great looking car"
francocanadiano Jun 09, 2012
couldnt this thing pitch a tent from from the factory? it was a camping package or something.....anyways....damn....
Tegra1 Jun 09, 2012
It maybe ugly as they come,but when you do not have much to spend this odd ball is better then having nothing,remember its ugliness makes it cheap to buy
Josh Banning Jun 09, 2012
Not nice. Not nice
Henz Herrero Jun 09, 2012
Pictures dont do justice for this car.. Its ugly as shit, what was pontiac thinking.. This has a lot of accessory, jst think about what the base or mid trim looks like.
Josh Negron Jun 09, 2012
Makes the Juke seem less ugly...
Zachary Fix Jun 09, 2012
Yeah I know it's ugly but I kinda like it
Reid 'bc' Black Jun 09, 2012
Custom wheels are to draw your eyes away from the actual vehicle.
Jackson Michael Jun 09, 2012
I always see these with custom rims
Paul Dickey Jun 09, 2012
Hahaha yes! Walter white's whip! Breaking bad was awesome.
topgear164 Jun 09, 2012
Breaking Bad did it for me.
Chris Johnson Jun 09, 2012
I've always had a soft-spot for the Aztek. "Dark Angel" is likely to blame.
Description: Last, but certainly not least is the electrifying 1985 Yugo GV. Loyalists of the brand often get defensive when they hear people describe their most prized possession as a laughingstock. Giving new me...
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Josiah De La Torre Jun 09, 2012
I wish they sold the Tata Nano in the US.
Raymond Reynoso Jun 09, 2012
Screw that, the worst car is the Geo Metro. Surprisingly there's a lot of people in New York that have one.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 09, 2012
$4000 in 1985 is about $8500 in today's money. The cheapest new car today is the Nissan Versa sedan at $10,900 or 5000 in 1985 money. Just some numbers to draw your own conclusions from.
Jesse Weis Jun 15, 2012
I am struggling to think of anyone who would look at this and think it was beautiful
Chad Hunter Jun 10, 2012
Lol i remember that episode
Matthew McKernan Jun 10, 2012
"this the most expensive... penis, of the three." LOL, I love Top Gear
Brandon Carr Jun 10, 2012
"you'll never catch me alive coppers!" -James May *drives off cliff*
Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2012
Add slicks and boost
Dale Schroeder Jun 09, 2012
Take a Fiat 145, strip out the few good bits and then you get this. Even the fuel mileage was abysmal and that was supposed to be one of the attractions of buying one.
Brendan Bell Jun 09, 2012
Oh yeah the 'Bentley' the merc and the rolls :) one of my favorite episodes
NalaKing Jun 09, 2012
It was used as a substitite to the Mulsanne
Henz Herrero Jun 09, 2012
I wonder if this was cool back in the days.. Its jst isnt that good looking..
Bull Dogone Jun 09, 2012
You own a Yugo and a Dodge Stealth. I'm speechless.
Zachary Fix Jun 09, 2012
Ahh that was a good episode
William Downs Jun 09, 2012
Shhhh that was a bently remember
topgear164 Jun 09, 2012
Jeremy Clarkson drives one of these in the Albanian episode.