Description: Mercedes' latest example of the awesome G Wagon, the G63 AMG, is making headlines for all the right reasons. Anyone brave enough to splash out $150,000 on this crazy car should consider turning t...
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Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
@ williamdllr. Actually in this context, he is right. The full name is Gelandewagen, or G-Wagen for short.
williamdllr Jun 09, 2012
You do realize you spelt wagon wrong correct Daniel..?
Ardavon Nazari Jun 26, 2012
Why the tiny lights?
Issa Naouri Jun 10, 2012
Beautiful color and kit, but the light covering takes away it's character tbh
williamdllr Jun 10, 2012
Paul must suffer from little-man syndrome. I like the color but not on this vehicle. Would look much better in matte white or matte black.
Paul Dickey Jun 09, 2012
Hahaha Matt the Ho take your gtr. Why even get on a g wagon article and say something so dumb? No one gives a shit.
Matt Piccolo Jun 09, 2012
@ Chris, I agree, I don't find these good looking either and whats the base price? 100k... I'll take a gtr please
canon4487 Jun 09, 2012
I like it.but bc im white and not a professional athlete, i would feel odd driving it..
Logan Delony Jun 09, 2012
Toyota tacoma please. ;]
Matthew Basmadjian Jun 09, 2012
Now that's a terrific color!
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
I'd buy an AMG G-Wagen in a heartbeat.
Avidity Ultd Jun 09, 2012
good looking suv. very utilitarian
Arsen Grigoryan Jun 09, 2012
Lmfao It's my friends sakos car and he brought it to a car show in our school in north Hollywood
Will Watashi Jun 09, 2012
Loos great but that blue is more matte than metallic
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 09, 2012
7445C the number of the house behind
Avery Williams Jun 09, 2012
Mercedes E63 in the background!
Igor Natsioks Jun 09, 2012
These rims make me stereotype ppl owning these. Keep it stock AMG. Don't ruin it with huge wheels. Ppl are all for show these days...
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
I really like the wheels but I'd prefer them polished rather than black. Plus I like the colour but rather as a gloss paint and not matt or brushed etc.
John Serely Jun 09, 2012
Not sure about the rims
Janak Solanki Jun 10, 2012
I like it. It's done tastefully. By the way where's my comment from before?
Matt Piccolo Jun 09, 2012
IMO this is really ugly...
Edmond Gebara Jun 09, 2012
I can imagine how difficult it is to take a photo when you're holding back from puking.
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
I'm with you there, Janak.
Janak Solanki Jun 09, 2012
Move over Rover, G is takin over
Chris Tietjen Jun 10, 2012
Not mention they aren't even the same rins
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
It's a completely different vehicle. Possibly a different 4x4 judging by the stud pattern of the wheel and the small piece of bodywork in the pic.
Bob Jones Jun 09, 2012
Great pepperoni-cheese ratio
Tegra1 Jun 09, 2012
What the hell does the pizza has to do with the wheels & or the rig itself,I am utterly confused,but anyways I going to get my French fries and by the way nice real nice G wagon,I want one (ha,I could not even afford a paid trip to a tolite,never mind about affording one of these rigs)
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
Loving those wheels.
Esam Mohammad Jun 09, 2012
-.- I was starving when I saw this