Comments - Rare BMW Z4 White Wolf Edition by Rowen Japan

Published: Jun 08, 2012
Description: Japanese tuning firm Rowen has created a terrific BMW Z4 sure to please even the most finicky of Bimmer owners and fans. The White Wolf Edition is based on the E89-era Z4 Roadster and features plenty ...
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Description: A carbon fiber rear wing has been added as well for even more style and performance. The suspension has been lowered and big wheels have been added for a more sporty and aggressive look. Rowen's ...
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Aislin Cooper Jun 10, 2012
That's not that expensive
Jack Higgins Jun 08, 2012
Swedish Krohn is worse. The yen is still funny though.
Jason Brower Jun 08, 2012
This is actually a reasonably priced body kit and suspension work package. Most of the "tuning" on carbuzz is massively overpriced.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 08, 2012
Lol at japanese yen..
Mindy Zhang Jun 09, 2012
Looks like a crying face. What have you done to my love? Q_Q
Tin Nguyen Jun 08, 2012
It looks very aggressive.
Brandon Lidy Jun 08, 2012
And the sides. How do you manage to desecrate a z4 like this
Brandon Lidy Jun 08, 2012
I agree Andy. Should have guessed it'd get worse after seeing those stickers on the hood
Andy Clouthier Jun 08, 2012
Anytime LED strips want to go out of style is fine with me...
Tegra1 Jun 08, 2012
It does look like a wolf,kind of
Alan Milone Carbonio Jun 12, 2012
Mendiga hermosura <3
Kris C. Lopez Jun 10, 2012
This needs better wheels, or hell even a better stance
Avidity Ultd Jun 09, 2012
what this car should have been years ago.
Tin Nguyen Jun 08, 2012
Not bad for the $$$
Joe Fats Harper Jun 08, 2012
I would like it if it was about 2 inches higher.. It kinda looks like a ricer with how low it is
blazzingamer1400 Jun 08, 2012
looks good for it to be in nfs
rockstarTc Jun 08, 2012
I dont like the stickers but other than that it looks real good. I would get it if i got this car
Ben August Jun 08, 2012
Now it just needs a surf-board rack, and I'd be set. Lol.
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
@brian I totally agree
Steven Whowhat Jun 08, 2012
smaller wheels and no stickers plz
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 08, 2012
For once (IMO), stickers look good on a car..
Inderjot Sidhu Jun 08, 2012
It's only a few grand.
Charlie Bell Jun 08, 2012
This car is beautiful
Brandon Whybrew Jun 08, 2012
that's cause this isn't an actual picture. just a drawing
Kenneth Williams Jun 08, 2012
Yes too low. Almost look like that old computer drag racing game
Andy Clouthier Jun 08, 2012
A bit too much low
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 08, 2012
Not my personal favorite...far from. Is it sad my first thought was..only the japanese would do this.
Tin Nguyen Jun 08, 2012
The rear bumper makes the car looks fat. Not a big fan.
Christo Savaides Jun 08, 2012
Beautiful backside. One of the best tuning jobs for a Bimmer that I've ever seen.
Cody Matthews Jun 08, 2012
@Ben how is it ricer? Does anyone even know what ricer means, or do people just call anything that looks Asian ricer?
rockstarTc Jun 08, 2012
That back looks awesome. Already a good looking car and they made it better
Ben August Jun 08, 2012
Ok not hot on the back tho, it's obviously too ricer. Love the front and side profiles though
Jason Brower Jun 08, 2012
But despite that it still is a great deal and it looks awesome. If I owned a z4 I'd definitely get this.
Jason Brower Jun 08, 2012
Titanium racing exhaust tips* FTFY
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 08, 2012
Titanium racing exhaust. Ohhhh yes.
Michael Gallagher Jun 08, 2012
That is awsome. I would send the extra money on this
Charlie Bell Jun 08, 2012
I agree look how thin they are but also they are the nicest exhausts I have ever seen and I can imagine the sound they make
Nick Benz Jun 09, 2012
Its japanese what do you expect
Charlie Bell Jun 08, 2012
The tyres are way too thin
Jason Brower Jun 08, 2012
They really improved the rear end a ton. The diffuser and exhaust tips are pretty out there, but they just work on this car.