Description: Porsche is sponsoring an event called The Spirited Escape, in which former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones takes a trip in the 2013 Boxster, travelling from NYC to their Sports Driving School in Leeds, Ala...
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Zack Hickman Jun 08, 2012
Why would you try to sell a car to people who take the train 0_o lol
Description: In order to launch the event, Porsche put on display its all-new Boxster at the world famous Grand Central Station alongside the magnificent Porsche Carrera GT and iconic Porsche 550 Spyder. The iconi...
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Phil Johnson Jun 08, 2012
... It's Grand Central Terminal, not Station...
Jordan Smith Jun 23, 2012
I agree and disagree Christo. They do need a new one and that's kinda what the 918 is for, but it does not look dated to me in any way. It still looks new.
Andrew Brewer Jun 13, 2012
@John very much so
Christo Savaides Jun 10, 2012
Porsche really needs to put out a new Carrera GT. Such a great car but it's getting dated now.
John Serely Jun 09, 2012
@andrew your kidding, right?
Andrew Brewer Jun 09, 2012
I'm not sure what you guys are arguing about? Anyone who is intelligent knows the car on the left is a cayman, an old one. You can tell its defiantly from the 90s.
John Serely Jun 09, 2012
I realize that, Reid lol
Theviper007 Jun 09, 2012
The carrea is gettin all the atention
Reid Huff Jun 09, 2012
Just thought I would mention this but not every person in the world had English as their first language. Give him a break. I doubt that you speak his language at all. Ignorant people.
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
Javier haha the last time I heard that joke was in like 6th grade. I'm sure you cannot even drive yet, given your immaturity. Oh...and what makes you think I did not read? Because I did haha
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2012
i need to practice my pronunciation and start working on my tongue just like her
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2012
btw the only worse than my english is ur mom... on bed
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2012
at least i do read (:
Joel Hayes Jun 08, 2012
Porsche's design is the best
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
Javier haha no offense, but your English is pretty bad. Start learning to talk, then I'll start reading, dude.
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2012
curse im kitting even in the note says! start reading dude
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
I assume you are kidding, right Javier?
Dylan Bruder Jun 08, 2012
Seems like a bad way of promoting the new car whose gonna look at it next to those two legends!
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2012
mm i dont think so /: it must be a past generation cayman
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
@bala a carrera gt
Bala Uncc Jun 08, 2012
What is that car on the left side of this picture?
Thomas Vorholt Jun 08, 2012
I really don't think it ever was. Having spent a lot of time driving one, its never been the hairy chested mans car that the 911 is but I never thought of it as girly when destroying mountain roads with the top down listening to that Porsche wail.
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
Porsche did a great job with the new boxster. It isn't a chicks car anymore for the most part IMO