Description: Motorsports team and Volvo's official partner for road car customization in Germany, Heico Sportiv, recently revealed their V40 racecar. The Volvo V40 racer features a racing version of its 5-cyl...
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Avidity Ultd Jun 09, 2012
look at all that yummy head snappin torque.
Mathias Henz Jun 08, 2012
this is kinda wierd, 2 years ago they said no longer any racing, even for customers, and now this, it's the wrong way. they should do a constant line of customer racecars!
Description: The V40 tuning program will include ECU upgrades for all mainstream engines, sporty suspension and braking systems, custom exhaust systems, and choice of alloy designs, interior applications and body ...
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Shaylen Kumar Patel Jun 08, 2012
I read on motor trend that they might a polestar version to compete with the m3 sedan
Jordan Smith Jun 08, 2012
I never really liked Volvos but this looks good.
Steven Whowhat Jun 08, 2012
i like it. stop being narrow minded
Hektor Yberg Jun 08, 2012
You cant even sell that in Sweden!
Paul Lissona Jun 09, 2012
I like the newer volvos too.
CAP AMR Jun 08, 2012
With some dark tint, that's gonna be one mean rear.
Sam Oglesby Jun 08, 2012
God is it ugly the current version looks better
Nick Benz Jun 09, 2012
Ehhhh its beginning to resemble the focus rs. Not a good thing imo