Posted on: Jun 08, 2012
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Heico Sportiv Offers Preview of Volvo V40 Tuning Program

Volvo Car Germany’s official partner for road vehicle customization is developing parts for the V40 compact hatch.
Motorsports team and Volvo's official partner for road car customization in Germany, Heico Sportiv, recently revealed their V40 racecar. The Volvo V40 racer features a racing version of its 5-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, good for 300hp and a 443lb-ft of torque, and will compete in next year's 24 Hour Endurance Race at the Nurburgring. Now details of its upcoming performance and styling program as well as first real life photos of the production model have been revealed.
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The V40 tuning program will include ECU upgrades for all mainstream engines, sporty suspension and braking systems, custom exhaust systems, and choice of alloy designs, interior applications and body styling kits.

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by Adam Lynton
Heico Sportiv Offers Preview of Volvo V40 Tuning Program
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