Posted on: Jun 08, 2012
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Chevrolet Reveal All-New 2013 Holden Trax SUV

Chevrolet Trax will first be sold as a Holden in Australia.
Holden is set to expand its SUV portfolio with an all-new SUV dubbed the Holden Trax, the global Chevy version of which will debut at September's Paris Motor Show. The global car will be sold in more than 140 markets around the world. "Trax will deliver the flexibility, great fuel economy, advanced safety features and car-like handling that more and more customers are looking for in today's SUVs," Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, John Elsworth said.
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The Trax was desgined to combine the toughness of an SUV with the convenience of a small car, and boasts a wide, athletic stance and muscular design. "Holden is well recognised within the GM world for our expertise in engine and transmission calibration and we are very pleased to be involved in the development of this important vehicle. We are working closely with the homeroom on global calibration work and of course making further refinements to ensure Trax will be well suited to Australian roads and conditions when it arrives next year," Holden Director of Powertrain Engineering, Simon Cassin said.

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by Adam Lynton
Chevrolet Reveal All-New 2013 Holden Trax SUV

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