Comments - BMW Z1 Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Published: Jun 08, 2012
Description: Outside the BMW Museum a special gathering will be held today in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Z1. Born as a concept in order to explore the potential of new materials, the ZL1 was de...
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Bob Jones Jun 08, 2012
Really Carbuzz? ZL1?
Kenneth Williams Jun 10, 2012
Did this thing have an M20? Looks like it on the front page
Abdoo Yukon Jun 08, 2012
It was famous for its landing down doors
Knox Ferraro Jun 08, 2012
That all you want to correct, Phillip?
Phillip Greene Jun 08, 2012
Thats horable looking, looks like for wasent the only one with syle issues 25 years ago
Bob Jones Jun 08, 2012
Do want. Although I would leave the doors open while driving
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
i Think it's kinda cool
Description: It featured numerous groundbreaking innovations for the time, such as a monocoque chassis, electronically-retracting vertical sliding doors, and a plastic body that could be completely changed in an h...
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Phillip Greene Jun 08, 2012
I was trying to be sarcastic, doesnt really translate through text, the vett is one of my all time favorites ever year of em
Brandon Fraser Jun 08, 2012
Like a corvette?
Phillip Greene Jun 08, 2012
What pos its all plastic
Description: Priced from 83,000DM, 8,000 Z1 models were produced from 1989 until June 1991 when BMW finally decided to phase it out. Today the cars maintain a futuristic look and some models remain in active serv...
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Chayton Garverick Jun 12, 2012
I think I'm gonna puke
Buddy Robinson Jun 08, 2012
Actually it slides down into the rocker panel
Malachi Monteiro Jun 08, 2012
Ok, so it's like a Jeep Wrangler for Eurotrash.
Das Stig Jun 08, 2012
it slides back into the rear quarter panel.
Malachi Monteiro Jun 08, 2012
The door is missing, the hell?
Theviper007 Jun 09, 2012
Where is.the.door
Carlton Salmon Jun 09, 2012
@ Dylan. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson's wife had an all white one of these and even the big man himself raved how good it was at the time.
Matthew Malyapa Jun 08, 2012
Finally someone that doesn't make me feel that old for remembering this car from tg
Dylan Bruder Jun 08, 2012
I remember this now albeit only from top gear many years ago haha