Comments - A. Kahn Design Tackles the Ferrari 458 Italia

Published: Jun 08, 2012
Description: A new styling package has emerged from the talented tuners at A. Kahn Design and the chosen subject for their latest project was the Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe. Visual enhancements come in the form of ...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 09, 2012
New rims and a subtle paint job. Hardly a team of talented designers.
Description: Although there are no pictures of the interior, Kahn insist they have fitted black Daytona leather electric sports seats. As with all their customizations, customers have "the opportunity to expr...
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Dave Winn Jun 10, 2012
Looks too standard! If you pay to have a car customised, it needs to stand out !!
Braydon Pack Jun 08, 2012
It looks like a scrap car to me the owner couldn't afford a original red top.
Matthew Malyapa Jun 08, 2012
Sooooo much better than mansory's version
Janak Solanki Jun 08, 2012
Yea those wheels are sharp!
Kenneth Williams Jun 08, 2012
I love those wheels
Craig Lafey Jun 08, 2012
Wow Kahn actually did a car that wasn't a Range Rover and changed the wheels!!! It looks great.
Nigel Craven Jun 08, 2012
Probably the best custom job I've seen, looks stock but revisions really improve the car!!
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jun 08, 2012
Remind me a bit of a larger amg rim
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
I completely agree michael
Marcin Bednarski Jun 08, 2012
Nice. Nice wheels.
Michael Ioia Jun 08, 2012
@Jackson they are not stock but I love that they look like they belong on the car. If I were Kahn and I saw your comment I would have a big smile on my face. Too many tuners put rims on cars that don't work. These work PERFECT!!!
Steven Nevets Jun 08, 2012
458 looks so good with black roof
Jackson Michael Jun 08, 2012
Aren't the rims stock?
Jamie Bull Jun 08, 2012
Makes a nice change from a range rover.
Theviper007 Jun 09, 2012
In the.backround
Aiden Bass Jun 08, 2012
Doesnt have yellow calibers. Doesn't even have calibers. It does, though, have yellow calipers.
Nick Sti Jun 08, 2012
Yeah and it looks good
Tin Nguyen Jun 08, 2012
Red car with yellow caliber?
Kenneth Williams Jun 08, 2012
Goodness those wheels look so good on this car.
Charles Spencer Jun 08, 2012
Probably the only two-tone I can agree with.
Justin Harris Jun 09, 2012
Yes Justin. Because they're primarily RIM designers. What would be the point of them doing something to the rest of the car. And I'd say they're pretty good because other rim brands would just rent a car and put their product on it. They decided to detail the rest of the car to put a fantastic emphasis on the rims.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 09, 2012
Ok so you changed the wheels and what else? Oh painted the roof. Top team of designers there.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 08, 2012
Like a vette?? If i were to draw any comparison am NSX comes to mind
Matthew Reindorp Jun 08, 2012
Looks nothing like a vette it looks great!!
Callum Mckay Jun 08, 2012
I think the grey roof and matching wheels look amazing.
John Serely Jun 08, 2012
I would eater have seen a black roof, but it still looks great!
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 08, 2012
Kind of reminds me of a corvette, a little bit.
Jose Carlos Jun 08, 2012
I agree, that is an excellent look. The grey is very appealing and the rims, oh boy are those rims sexy on that machine.
Mark Donnelly Jun 08, 2012
finnally an after market package that looks really good in red