Comments - Jaguar Axe the XF to Death

Published: Jun 07, 2012
Description: This is what happens once the final design of a new Jaguar car is approved: the full-size clay models get hacked up with axes and hammers.
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Miles Drinkwater Jun 18, 2012
They didn't like it
Phillip Greene Jun 08, 2012
I want to do that to an atual veyron that would be epic
Brendan Bell Jun 07, 2012
O god I want to do that so bad to a Lamborghini design
Jason Levy Jun 07, 2012
Speed holes, they make the car go fas... Hey stop what are you doing?
Devin Babyn Jun 07, 2012
That would just be to much fun. So many people would pay to do thag
Sam Oglesby Jun 07, 2012
Now I want to work for jaguar
Description: The glorious wanton destruction has been beautifully documented via this official video, which shows a trio of engineers enjoying some much needed stress release and also puts paid to the theory the e...
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Joe Powell Jul 02, 2012
'This is how they roll in England anyway' idiots, try BRITAIN. the body and company may be English, but the ENGINE is WELSH!:@