Comments - Ferrari F70 Riding Dirty Ahead of its Debut

Published: Jun 07, 2012
Description: Ferrari is working hard on preparing the successor to the legendary Enzo. The F70, as it is currently known, has been spotted riding around the streets of Maranello with some heavy cladding and camouf...
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Jon González Eguiluz Jun 08, 2012
Guess an F1 is like a Prius for you philip, as they use the same system
Marshall Keller Jun 08, 2012
its the KERS system from f1 racing. not a hybrid.
Phillip Greene Jun 07, 2012
Didnt they officialy state that they would never build a hybrid or and ev and thet they would always build pure sports cars?
Description: Mated to a double-clutch gearbox, Ferrari says that the first electric plant will be used as a generator, sending kinetic energy gathered back to the battery pack with the second electric motor poweri...
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Jack Howard Jun 07, 2012
But this doesnt compare to the nsx but i see what you are getting at
Tyler James Davis Jun 07, 2012
They should just use flubber.
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2012
Still your talking about making this just 500 pounds heavier than an Elise I'm not saying its impossible I just am skeptical its going to happen I know a little about the KERS system but I don't know how many batteries will be in the pack
Nam Doan Trinh Jun 07, 2012
The Acura NSX showed Ferrari up the first time it came out, and now Ferrari is like "Nu uh hell naw we ain't letting that happen again!" with the new NSX LOL
Nick Sti Jun 07, 2012
@Dylan it's F1 technology, so expect it to weigh as little as possible
Phillip Holbrook Jun 07, 2012
2.5 seconds is physics defiant fast. Wow
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2012
I won't believe the 2500 lbs until the car is official battery packs alone are extremely heavy
Scott Mitchell Jun 12, 2012
Jeez Louise, I do hope that what we're seeing here is only a very rough around the edges prototype. From what these two photos reveal, the long awaited Enzo successor looks pretty much like an Enzo, nothing more. But, let's all have just a little bit of faith in the design artisans with Paninfarina (c'mon now fellow car guys & gals...when's the last time Paninfarina put anything out there that...
Luke Purdy Jun 11, 2012
How can you say it's ugly? You don't even know what actually looks like yet
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 09, 2012
There are some idiots on here that should be banned from commenting.
Daniel Bellafonte Jun 08, 2012
Why would there be four if the current design language is only two, with one on each side, on the current and more modern Ferraris. 458, FF, 599, F12Berlinetta etc. 4 was for the previous generations.
Da Stig Jun 08, 2012
No da u can't see it stupid it's clothed but when Ferrari shows us it's ass it'll be sexy
Justin Tucker Jun 07, 2012
Oh please god I hope it looks better than this. It is ugly
Mark Moreno Jun 07, 2012
I see a little bit of MC12 In this
Dillon Magee Jun 07, 2012
Can't wait for this things debut
Das Stig Jun 07, 2012
this looks really close to the f60.
jester Jun 07, 2012
But there's only two..... The whole statement was key there. This is only a mule. I'd be surprised if this was close to final.
Kevin Rehbock Jun 07, 2012
No more four round tail lamps?
Matthew Mckernan Jun 07, 2012
Awesome! I can't wait!
Emix Jun 09, 2012
you guys may hate me for this, but ferraris designs just keep getting worse and worse. the old ferraris were much better.
F1 Fanatic Jun 09, 2012
Looks like a Civic with bodykit! lol
Saeed Al-Hajri Jun 08, 2012
Toyota .GT86 FTW !!!
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 07, 2012
Looks to long the enzo was so short
Christo Savaides Jun 07, 2012
I can't wait till this is released. I have really high expectations for this car.
Da Stig Jun 07, 2012
What if Ferrari wanted to mess around and this was just a normal Enzo wrapped
Brandon Lidy Jun 07, 2012
Man. You would think this was a successor to the Enzo or something. Call me crazy
Thibault Leroy Jun 07, 2012
this gas a really similar body shape to the enzo
Dale Schroeder Jun 07, 2012
Looks a bit like a rounded off and stretched 512TR from the side.
Jason Reimann Jun 07, 2012
I'm seeing a little Huayra at the rear actually
Kris C. Lopez Jun 07, 2012
Both this and the new McLaren look really really long
Domi Bsaibes Jun 07, 2012
Josh meant the maserati 12c
jester Jun 07, 2012
I am fairly certain Ferrari doesn't own McLaren.
Dennis Choong Jun 07, 2012
Ehh? I meant the McLaren MP4-12C ;-)
Josh Willes Jun 07, 2012
Well Ferrari owns the 12c so makes sense.
Dennis Choong Jun 07, 2012
Looks like an elongated 12C from the side... lol
Avery Williams Jun 07, 2012
Where's the picture of the front of the car?!