Posted on: Jun 07, 2012
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Ferrari F70 Riding Dirty Ahead of its Debut

The Ferrari F70 has been spotted in Maranello.
Ferrari is working hard on preparing the successor to the legendary Enzo. The F70, as it is currently known, has been spotted riding around the streets of Maranello with some heavy cladding and camouflage. Though there aren't many details officially known about the Enzo successor, we do know that it will use a hybrid powertrain which combines the power of a V12 engine combined with a pair of electric motors.
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Mated to a double-clutch gearbox, Ferrari says that the first electric plant will be used as a generator, sending kinetic energy gathered back to the battery pack with the second electric motor powering everything else. When the three motors work in tandem, total output for the Ferrari F70 could measure at over 920hp. Combined with a curb weight of 2,500lbs, the new Prancing Horse could sprint from rest to 62mph in only 2.5 seconds. Ferrari has already turned plenty of heads with their release earlier this year of the F12berlinetta, so we are eagerly anticipating the official debut later this year of the Enzo-replacing F70.

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