Comments - Bahrain Supercar Club is a Showing of Excellence

Published: Jun 07, 2012
Description: The second meeting of the Bahrain Supercar Club took place last week at the Bahrain International Go-Kart track. The cars on display were anything but children's toys, as some of the best and mos...
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Miles Drinkwater Jun 18, 2012
Showing of excellence?!? They were probably scared of reprisals after the Bahrain GP and went to Dubai
Jesse Davidson Jun 07, 2012
It's an SL 55 AMG but the K is for a tuning set up so it is SL 55 K AMG. It's on the car look.
Mike Lanza Jun 07, 2012
I believe that's a SL 55 AMG. Not an SLK
Miles Drinkwater Jun 18, 2012
Most of the members don't exist
Issa Naouri Jun 10, 2012
Who needs an e46 when there's a freaking SLK AMG !!!
Zack Farmer Jun 07, 2012
Kinda weak sauce, but hopefully they will have a better showing
Daniel Bellafonte Jun 07, 2012
The first page of the article says most of the members are on holiday.
Kenneth Williams Jun 07, 2012
Umm. That's all? I love them but they made this out to be like there were gonna be at least 20 cars. What kind of club is this. Lol
Xuan Lin Jun 08, 2012
Just color different! I got the carbon fiber one. Looks way better
Dickson Lui Jun 08, 2012
Nice but where are the Ferrari's and Lambourghini's ?
Tony Flaherty Jun 08, 2012
Ud want ur sunglasses. Just too much red.
Nick Benz Jun 08, 2012
Looks like a damn butchery
Rich Vuchetich Jun 09, 2012
wow! what else can be said???? I have one more word....SEXY
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 07, 2012
wasnt a very big meeting i think :P