Description: The Honda S2000 still tops our list as one of the best sports cars built in recent years. Although Honda sadly discontinued it not long ago, it won't be easily forgotten. Powered by a 2.0-liter f...
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Brent Staton Jun 13, 2012
this design is a far cry from reality. as a Honda s2000 fan I am horrified to think that the "s" line will be any thing like a vehicle off of tron. no offense to the designer but to me this is not a Honda. if you look at the previous vehicles in the s line they are pure driving cars not a piece of art, it was always function then form.
Jordan Smith Jun 07, 2012
I like the design. As an S2K successor it doesn't seem right but as a sports car it looks good. That hood is my favorite part.
Michael McGee Jun 07, 2012
@Mark, not really, other than the original, and in that, not the form. Other than the shape of that hood form. The thinness of the front fenders reminded me of an R/C car on the original. But it is supposed to have a costumizable tuner-ish look. Something people can have fun with. @Pablo, if it looked just like it, I wouldn't be doing my job This was an advanced project. And thanks Ch...
Christo Savaides Jun 07, 2012
I think it's really good actually. Futuristic but not too over the top.
Brandon Akins Jun 07, 2012
This is truly one of the worst looking designs I have seen. If Honda ever see's this they will hopefully laugh and look away.
Mark Donnelly Jun 06, 2012
@micheal McGee did any car specifially inspire you? Or any hints of influencing cuz i like the design but it reminds of a car from need for speed 3 hot pursuit
Mark A. Young Jun 06, 2012
It doesn't say its supposed to look like the s2000 or even beat it's name.. It's just supposed to be a sports car replacement.. Geez.
Pablo Herasme Jun 06, 2012
Doesn't even look like it
Cody Miess Jun 06, 2012
I like it I would love to see this on the road
Michael McGee Jun 06, 2012
Yeah, Shane. This was my 1st semester junior project in college, and i'm the only one who worked on it. I built it for me, something that I love. And yeah I can see that, I tried to get the wheels out as far as I could.
Shane Conner Jun 06, 2012
Top view resembles a dog bone shape close to how lotus Elise and exige look. Wide axles with narrow body.
Shane Conner Jun 06, 2012
If you look up the original design of the s2000, it's doesn't look like the final product Honda settled with.
Shane Conner Jun 06, 2012
@michael McGee, exactly right. Artist designs never look like the finished product. This is a rough sketch just to give ideas about what it could be. It's just the starting point to open others minds and slowly get to the final product.
Michael McGee Jun 06, 2012
Thanks for the constructive criticism, guys......not. Yeah, it's not for everyone, but that's the thing about design. It's a love/hate thing. I tried to do something that embodied what the original was all about. Raw, fun, lightweight, great stance. This was my idea of what an S2000 could be, and I didn't want to lose the attitude of the original. I enjoyed this project, it was challenging. Harsh...
Hank Austin Jun 06, 2012
That is horrible
Matt Piccolo Jun 06, 2012
I'm not a fan :/
Marcin Bednarski Jun 06, 2012
I like your post Byakka :)
Byakka Hirakawa Jun 06, 2012
Design student huh? Im guessin hes failing the class, lmao
Shane Conner Jun 06, 2012
I wouldn't worry about this design. Until Honda designers come up with their own possible design, this is just someone thoughts on what "they" would like it to be. Honda hasn't even talked about another s2000 yet.
Sam Oglesby Jun 06, 2012
This is the s2000 ugly sister
Drew Storrusten Jun 06, 2012
No way would I take this style over the original s2k body style. And that's saying something too since I mostly stick with American stuff like Chevy dodge and ford.
Mark Donnelly Jun 06, 2012
actually i see the niña from nfs iii hp sorry if wrong name havent played the game long time
xenozonda Jun 06, 2012
this looks stupid. in no way does this look like an s2000. or a car.
Description: We've said in the past that if Honda were to do a new S2000, they'd likely be able to regain some of the prestige they've lost lately in the wake of launching some dull models (read: th...
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Chris Gaines Jun 06, 2012
his design is more like s**t
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
Read Civic and Accord, Honda has been listening to the bean counters and not their engineers.
Description: Inspired by an R/C car, he concept shown here has an "emphasis on lightness and plastics". In fact, the yellow body sides can even be swapped for "other styles and colors based on w...
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Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 07, 2012
You can swap panels on a smart car
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
Nice GM has been working on a swappable body for a car chassis for a long time now. Rather than dispose of cars, recycle them with a new body style.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
That's an interesting idea on the rim, wouldn't be surprised to see that start to pop up on cars.
F1 Fanatic Jun 07, 2012
Doesn't do the 2K justice. :-(
Isaac Taylor Jun 07, 2012
Ohhh the only part I like is the rear
Matthew Crighton Jun 06, 2012
Love the rims. They r unique-wich is saying something.
Michael McGee Jun 06, 2012
Yeah, I REALLY don't see where the Lexus LFA comes in. Thanks Sam lol.
Sam muscat Jun 06, 2012
Omg do we have to do this everytime!? This car is remarkably unique, but let's play which car does it share some features with!?
Jerry Cole Jun 06, 2012
I see some SideSwipe in there, that new corvette stingray concept
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
That rear is becoming common on sporty cars, almost everything has the center exhaust and high profile azz.
Matt Piccolo Jun 06, 2012
Yea.. This is ugly though... Lfa is a beauty
Drew Storrusten Jun 06, 2012
Alright sooo I see the similarity of a Lexus lfa right here. Anybody else?
Da Stig Jun 06, 2012
Bucket seat literally
Michael McGee Jun 06, 2012
It's just a flat base board for time purposes. There's no way we would have had time to put a full interior in there.
Jerry Cole Jun 06, 2012
so, u sit, in a bathtub?
Jon Sullivan Aug 01, 2012
I thought the same thing
Jordan Smith Jun 06, 2012
This looks like a shoe.
Brett Abbott Halverson Apr 13, 2013
It looks like Bumblebee