Description: A 1944 M5 tank with a 37mm main gun. This is the chosen ride for this guy who starts his day off by picking up some sliders at his local White Castle drive-thru. Then he goes to the firing range. Take...
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James Buster Jun 06, 2012
I can't wait until his next video....a bigger tank
Clint Edwards Jun 06, 2012
FPS Russia is the f***in man
Logan LeMonnier Jun 06, 2012
Haha just because
Jack Higgins Jun 06, 2012
Lol Stephen, we all just have to get used to this awesome reporting/writing. That's hilarious.
Thibault Leroy Jun 06, 2012
i love FPS Russia :)
Stephen Cobbs Jun 06, 2012
@Duncan. Just go along woth it.
Duncan Fritz Meisel Jun 06, 2012
Fps Russia isn't Russian,
Description: We're almost at a loss for words on this one, but something about a Russian guy (with really solid English) talking about the abilities of a World War II era tank just makes our day. You're ...
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Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 11, 2012
Micah Buffat Jun 09, 2012
THAT was awesome fps russia is a so cool
Abdoo Yukon Jun 08, 2012
That car was my old car I have an 1970 cuda now
Marty Frank Jun 07, 2012
You guys do know he's not actually Russian right? He's from the south and it's just a character he made up. Big shocker, Larry the cable guy isn't a cable guy either. And his names Dan. And his accent is fake. He's from Nebraska.
Nathaniel Konkel Jun 06, 2012
FPS Russia is lame, he just blows up stuff and bad talks Americans and half decent video games.
Jeremy Siebert Jun 06, 2012
4 large cokes? You always order Red Pop @ White Castle...
Greg Lewis Jun 06, 2012
He is a mans man, a hero to all of us.
Geoff Novak Jun 06, 2012
Haha omg fpsrussia ive watched this guy a about a year now. Hes an excellent shot. NOT the guy u wanna try breaki into hid gome
SupaDupaMe Jun 06, 2012
And as always, have nice day
Kenneth Williams Jun 06, 2012
He's got some pretty cool videos on the tube too
Walker Carroll Jun 06, 2012
This guy is FPSRussia. He lives in the us and does whatever he wants
Extremis Colson Jun 06, 2012
this guy is hilarious!
Sam Oglesby Jun 06, 2012
That was hilarious "it's so nice to be served by a real connoisseur shes been eating it since she was baby" they almost need a bigger window"she has hand like bear
Thibault Leroy Jun 06, 2012
and as always have nice day
Zach Miguel Jun 06, 2012
Love part about white castle
Natalino Monastra Jun 06, 2012
He has alot of videos like theses
Robbie Christman Jun 06, 2012
He's from Georgia btw. Dimitri is just a character.
Esam Mohammad Jun 06, 2012
Yah that's on YouTube , it's called FPSrussia I guess
Omarul Farooq Jun 07, 2012
Lol crazy but I don mind..
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 06, 2012
Love fps russia videos
Greg Lewis Jun 06, 2012
This car, bout to have very bad day
Mason Langenfeld Jun 06, 2012
FPS RUSSIA!!!!! and always, have a nice day!
Elijah McCord Jun 07, 2012
@Nathan that was probably the most ignorant comment I've ever seen
Jennings Rengel Jun 06, 2012
It's just a grand...if it was a perfectly good xj then I would be upset
Stan Mitchell Jun 06, 2012
@Nathan why a hummer bro. They quit making them!! There will always be note jeeps! Not the same with hummers.
Nathan Geiter Jun 06, 2012
Should've destroyed a hummer! Not a Jeep.
SupaDupaMe Jun 06, 2012
Tank + Jeep + Melons = Have nice day