Description: Underground Racing has made a name for themselves as the kings of Lamborghini power, with several Gallardos that absolutely burn the roadways all the way from here to Russia. A day after witnessing a ...
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Jason Brower Jun 06, 2012
I've been waiting for UR to make this for so long. I knew it would happen eventually.
Jordan Nutt Jun 06, 2012
type underground racing Axel and you will see. THIS CAR IS JUST CRAZY
Axel Cousins Jun 06, 2012
What is underground racing? I am sorry. I just don't know. But all I know is that the cars they create r beautiful
Ricky Choi Jun 06, 2012
Yeahhhhh buddy!!!!
Micah Lau Jun 06, 2012
"It performs great."
Description: That number has been improved to an astounding 2.2 seconds thanks to a pair of UR's ridiculous turbochargers. That gives the Raging Bull bragging rights over the 2.4 second sprint of the Bugatti...
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Matthew Darius Razavian Jun 08, 2012
The exhaust sounds like Godzilla stepping on a Lego brick
Dave Stewart Jun 07, 2012
Nice as hell seems everyhing has to have 1"000 hp anymore
Michael Douglas Jun 07, 2012
That is a wicked video
Ken Lee King Siang Jun 07, 2012
So angular, so nice
Robert Young Jun 07, 2012
Dale I'm right beside ya bro
Steven Velez Jun 06, 2012
i think i just s**t myself
Dale Fredriks Jun 06, 2012
My first reaction? I want a ride. I just want to sit in the passengers seat, laugh my head off like I'm a 4 year old, and watch the speedo blow my mind. It would be so much fun.
Christopher Melendez Jun 06, 2012
but an engine running high compression and low boost gets less air inside the engine than a high boost set up
Christopher Melendez Jun 06, 2012
@ Lou you could do that but if you make more boost you get denser air in the compression which makes the engine much more efficient at making power but iget what your saying
Chris Graefnitz Jun 06, 2012
I meant .3 seconds :)
Chris Graefnitz Jun 06, 2012
Only .03 Seconds to go! God I'd love to see someone break 2.0!
Elexis Twardosz Jun 06, 2012
My dream car!!! Aww, so fast and love the design!
Lou Guerrero Jun 06, 2012
And this thing is ridiculous for infinity
Lou Guerrero Jun 06, 2012
@ Christopher, that or run as much boost as your CR allows. You could build a 11.5:1CR @ .6 BAR or 9.5:1CR @ 1.6 BAR. It's all relative. High octane is the must have to prevent detonation. Oh sweet C16!
Marcin Bednarski Jun 06, 2012
Video five star. For 1200 hp seven stars.
Matty Michaels Jun 06, 2012
I can see it now: Ricer pulls up next to the Aventador at a red light. Ricer revs engine through coffee can exhaust. Light turns green. Lambo out of sight before the Civic evens moves.
Jordan Smith Jun 06, 2012
That was one of the most epic videos I have ever seen in my life.
Seth McCormick Jun 06, 2012
I've been waiting for the UGR TT Aventador for sooooo long
Kenneth Williams Jun 06, 2012
Yep, ready for the drag strip
Byakka Hirakawa Jun 06, 2012
I lost it on the straight away, lol
Victor Takhanov Jun 06, 2012
I think christopher Nolan made this video.
Grant Paquin Jun 06, 2012
I am dumbfounded. Neck has to hurt after those shifts-
Christopher Melendez Jun 06, 2012
@Micah usually when they make a car turbocharged they have to lower the compression or else the extra pressure from the turbos would cause pre detonation which is the fuel exploding from pressure not the spark plug
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 06, 2012
Finally a tuned aventador
Micah Lau Jun 06, 2012
Ghee Buttersnaps - what's happenin' homeslice? Anyhow, that has got to be one high strung engine. I wonder what kind of compression ratio it has?
Zeus Mocha Jun 06, 2012
Girl: me or the car Guy: *drives off*
Frederick Perez Jun 06, 2012
I can smell some serious race here in a few weeks!
Chaz Neal Jun 06, 2012
I wonder who does the engine management for them cause they source the engines from pro line racing they take them out and pro line builds them so they can handle the extra horse power but still an epic car
Patrick Schalk Jun 06, 2012
: O daddy like.
Shawn Sullivan Jun 06, 2012
Wtf did I just see?! That is amazing! C'mon lotto hit my numbers please!
Redge Diakité Jun 06, 2012
And the top speed is 290mph? :D
Matt Martir Jun 06, 2012
This is just plain sick. Why take a car that can go 0-60 in 2.9 sec, and slap on 2 turbos and add around 500hp to it? "because we can..."
wfdowns Jun 06, 2012
UR is such a great tuning company, and there reveal videos are always fun to watch, this sounds soooo damn good, cant wait to see it race something for comparison
Domi Bsaibes Jun 06, 2012
What the hell did i just watch??! Adios for GTRs haha
Sam Oglesby Jun 06, 2012
No that's Incredible
Chris Stig Dagher Jun 06, 2012
that's just stupid.... santa!!
Description: TheSmokingTire makes a terrific point in noting that the Aventador carries an all-wheel-drive configuration and is lighter than the Bugatti Veyron, so a lightning-fast sprint time would make sense wit...
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Kenneth Williams Jun 06, 2012
Yea any tuned car that beats the Veyron will just be another testament to how great the car is.
Oscar Galvan Jun 06, 2012
It wouldn't dethrone the veyron. It might beat it but not dethrone. It's tuned therefore not stock and stock versus tuned just doesn't count
jester Jun 06, 2012
Unless gearing has been changed and Aero improved, I don't see it dethroning the Veyron. I would expect mid 250s though.
Dale Fredriks Jun 06, 2012
Thank you for leaving that beautiful body alone. Granted, Underground Racing has always been one for function over form. Good for them. We should have more like them, Hennessey, and Lingenfelter.
Lou Guerrero Jun 07, 2012
Dude, stock Gallardos catch fire lol
wfdowns Jun 06, 2012
@lou UR hs been running twin turbos on lambos for years without problems, ad yea there is plenty of room in there, been like that in every lambo, like lamborghini thought ahead in there desiging of the car " we know someone is gonna turbo our car so lets make it easier to do"
Kyle Kloewer Jun 06, 2012
That's are big and insane, they probably make the already screaming sound even better with the cool twirly whistle of those turbos. And let's not forget the blue stuff haha
Lou Guerrero Jun 06, 2012
I wonder how much run time till shit melts and ruins the party.
Kenneth Williams Jun 06, 2012
Considering they photoshopped out part of the bumper I think there's probably more room than there appears to be.
Johnny Francis Jun 06, 2012
Those things are sick haha
Brandon Lidy Jun 06, 2012
Barely had room for those things