Comments - DMC and Wildspeed Present the Aston Martin DB-X Concept

Published: Jun 06, 2012
Description: Two days ago, Aston Martin revealed that they will be reviving the 'Vanquish' name on the model that succeeds the popular DBS. Before the DBS heads out of production, however, German tuning ...
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Description: The body kit comprises of a new front and rear bumper, with the latter receiving an integrated diffuser, along with new side skirts, roof scoop, hood and an optional centrally-mounted exhaust. The sto...
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Brandon Lidy Jun 06, 2012
Hell yeah it does
Sam Oglesby Jun 06, 2012
That looks awsome
Charlie Bell Jun 08, 2012
How can u say that this is a stunning car
Matthew Crighton Jun 06, 2012
Dont hate. This is my bew background
Hank Austin Jun 06, 2012
I don't like this... The gold accents make it look Chinese as someone already said
Louis Marr Jun 06, 2012
They made the front grill look gross. They better make it much more powerful to make up for the mutilation of the exterior.
Ken Russell Jun 06, 2012
Now where did I put that lottery ticket?
Bekim Dragjoshi Jun 06, 2012
Now that's what I call amazing!
Ben August Jun 06, 2012
This reminds me of those "year of the dragon" special edition cars. Lots of black & yellow lol. Kind of tacky.
Kenneth Williams Jun 06, 2012
That would be nice
Dale Schroeder Jun 07, 2012
This should be the car the villain in the next 007 film drives.
Nick Schnee Jun 07, 2012
Wie... One of the best looking AMs ICE Seen so gar.
Brandon Lidy Jun 06, 2012
Gold and yellow is a bit bright on the wheels and calipers but the gold trim looks good