Description: Forgetting that Rolls-Royce already has a wealth of configuration options for the interior of their luxury saloons to accommodate the most discerning of clientele, leather and upholstery specialist Ca...
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Description: Wool rugs, with 2.5cm long pile, touches of chrome and the use of luxury ostrich and kangaroo leather, apparently the ideal material for piping, are other noteworthy highlights of the interior. Accord...
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Issa Naouri Jun 10, 2012
Actually it kinda looks more classy with chrome .. Just my opinion .. You guys obviously aren't too thrilled
Hank Austin Jun 07, 2012
I like it for some reason... It's sorta different and the color looks really cool chromed out
Isaac Taylor Jun 07, 2012
Over done with chrome...oh and the wheels also
Da Stig Jun 07, 2012
Needs to be lowered
canon4487 Jun 06, 2012
Ahh, yet another chrome paint job. In 2 years its going to be about as cool as spinners are today. *vomits n mouth*
Cassius Jun 06, 2012
Nice colour just not on a roller
Kyle Kloewer Jun 06, 2012
Like the outside but not the inside, the seats and the ostrich leather looks bad and uncomfortable
boldcars Jun 06, 2012
chrome could be trending but not on a car like a Rolls Royce
boldcars Jun 06, 2012
that color is gorgeous, if it wasn't chrome!
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 06, 2012
Might have looked cool with Rhodes colors but w.o the chrome
Sam Oglesby Jun 06, 2012
Not sure about the chrome paint
Rich Hall Jun 06, 2012
This is a great color & overall a great job
tyrael Jun 06, 2012
i thought that relfection on the bumber near the fender was a hit >.< haha
ryan.mcerlean3 Jul 19, 2013
Rolls Royce didn't design the interior... Carlex did don't blame Rolls Royce
Mista Miller Jun 10, 2012
I wonder how many poor ostriches had to die in order to concoct this atrocity? Does being super rich give free passes to ridiculousness? RR just lost a fan for this one.
Hank Austin Jun 07, 2012
It's like Alice in wonderland... The seats are horrible but if you change them out it would look pretty good
Matthew Malyapa Jun 06, 2012
It was looking ok up to here!
Logan Delony Jun 06, 2012
Ewww! That's just nasty o.O
Max Waite Jun 06, 2012
Ostrich leather looks disgusting, you can see where the feathers were plucked...
Dennis Choong Jun 07, 2012
More like Ghost save the pimp...
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 07, 2012
Studded for her pleasure..... Seats made by Trojan!
Max Delena Jun 07, 2012
Those seats are horrendous
Fernando Del Rio Jun 07, 2012
Awful to the bones
Saravana Pawan Jun 06, 2012
Looks like a pimp mobile
canon4487 Jun 06, 2012
I would feel dirty after sitting in this. If i could not sell the RR, i honestly would rather have an 8th of what this costs.
Matthew Malyapa Jun 06, 2012
Leather looks like it's from an old caddilac thats had acupuncture
Ryan Spencer Jun 06, 2012
Kinda crappy interior. Would I still drive it? Honestly? Yea probably... Would I pay for it? Hell no.
Logan Delony Jun 06, 2012
That's where the feathers were. It's not necessarily a specific design.
Alex Eaton Jun 06, 2012
Worst rolls royce interior especially the bumps
Randy Hjelm Jun 06, 2012
Looks like a car for lady gaga
Randy Hjelm Jun 06, 2012
Absolutely ugly!!!!
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
Lol yeah the ostrich leather does make it seem a little more hell raiser than it needs to be.
boldcars Jun 06, 2012
Forbidden Forest green, cold and unforgiving lol
Christofer Scott Williams Jun 06, 2012
That's a cold & dark interior .. Me no likey
John Serely Jun 06, 2012
Um...I don't know what to say about the seats
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 07, 2012
Wait! English car with a steering wheel on the left?? Strange... Unless the RR was bought and customized in another country.
Matthew Malyapa Jun 06, 2012
I agree with bob
Alex Eaton Jun 06, 2012
The queen diserves bettr
Kyle Smith Jun 06, 2012
Great place to eat nachos and chili cheese fries!
Troy Kessler Jun 06, 2012
Ghost save my eyes that looks like ass
Knox Ferraro Jun 06, 2012
Well it's definitely interesting.
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 07, 2012
No XBOX? No PS3? This thing really sucks! ... LOL
Mista Miller Jun 10, 2012
Looks like a pimped out cutlass supreme to me. Not a good thing. Not at all.
Buddy Robinson Jun 06, 2012
I honestly wouldn't want to sit there.
Kyle Kloewer Jun 06, 2012
Looks uncomfortable
Janak Solanki Jun 06, 2012
That Ostrich leather looks like it smells really bad
Shivam Patnaik Jun 06, 2012
You need to be a Ghost to sit on those.