Comments - Supercars Descend on Silverstone to Parade in the Rain

Published: Jun 05, 2012
Description: The Silverstone rounds of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo 2012 European Series took place over the weekend.
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Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
well i very much agree with you XD
Description: 'Munch997' was at the event with his trusted handheld ready to capture the glorious sights and sounds of several amazing Lamborghinis. After the race, a host of other supercars were permitte...
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Dillon Magee Jun 05, 2012
I like the Gallardo in Ithaca verde , not the Aventador so much. I think it looks best matte black.
Brendan Bell Jun 05, 2012
Haha I also like it in green
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Verde Ithaca aventador, one of my favorites!
Michael Davidson Jun 06, 2012
Pretty much. Except for the one Bugatti.
Isaac Taylor Jun 05, 2012
When they say "supercars" they mean to say a lot of lamborghinis
Jackson Rojas Jun 05, 2012
was the black aventador batman
Carlton Salmon Jun 05, 2012
Nice numberplate.
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Lp570-4 super trofeo looks great.
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Cool continental flying spur parked behind the lambo
wfdowns Jun 05, 2012
sweet green goodness